Create a fantastic castle in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create a fantastic castle in the style of the movie “Alice in Wonderland”.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1

Create a new document and paste the image of Fairy Tale Clouds onto it. The bottom part can be erased with an eraser or hidden using a layer mask. As you can see, the bottom is now empty, so we have to fill it later.

Step 2

Now insert the image with the lock. Place it in the center and remove the excess. In order to get rid of the background, you can use the tool Pen tool (P) (Feather). With it, you create a contour, convert it to a selection and delete the excess.

Step 3

Move on Image – Adjustments – Color Balance (Image – Correction – Color Balance) and adjust the parameter Midtones (Medium tone) to remove the bluish tint from the castle. Also, colors can be customized using appropriate adjustment layers.

Step 4

Compare the result before and after the color correction. Now the castle looks more harmonious with the background.

Step 5

Via Pen tool (P) (Feather) We draw several additional elements: two for the mountain, two for the grass and one for the road. This way it will be easier for us to apply the texture.

Step 6

Before we begin to apply the texture, let’s correct the layer with the lock. With the eraser we delete the rocks on the sides, as shown in the picture.

Step 7

Adjust the size of the grass texture and duplicate it to cover the entire area with grass. You can use the tool Clone stamp tool (S) (Stamp) to fill in the blank areas.

Step 8

Select the element with grass (hold down Ctrl and click on the layer thumbnail on the layers panel) and duplicate it (Ctrl + J).

Step 9

Activate Burn tool (O) (Dimmer) and dim the grass by the road. We continue to darken areas of grass with this tool to create a three-dimensional effect.

Step 10

Create a new layer under the grass layer and call it Grass Brush. Using a special brush in the form of grass, we add grass along the edge, as shown below. Adjust the shades of green to get a more realistic result. Via Eyedropper tool (I) (Pipette) we take the necessary colors from the image.

Step 11

In the same way we add grass along the road and in other places. Make sure that the layer with the new grass is above the layer with the road. Adjust the size of the brush during operation, then adjust the colors with Dodge / Burn tool (O) (Clarifier / Dimmer).

Step 12

In this step, we will use a chess texture. Activate the transformation in perspective (Ctrl + T) to distort the texture, as shown below.

Step 13

Set the layer blending mode to Soft light (Soft light) and opacity at 80%. Move on Edit – Transform (Editing – Transformation) and select Warp (Deformation). Transform the texture so that it repeats the shape of the earth.

Step 14

Select the chess texture (hold down Ctrl and click on the layer thumbnail on the layers panel), transform it into the work path and add grass with a brush. The brush color should be black with 100% opacity.

Step 15

Select the element with grass (hold down Ctrl and click on the layer thumbnail on the layers panel), expand the selection by 2 px Select – Modify – Expand (Select – Modify – Expand) and add a layer mask.

Step 16

Make sure the checkerboard texture is under the layer with the road. Adjust the grass layer with Burn tool (O) (Dimmer).

Step 17

Select the color # dcceb5 and rasterize the layer with the road. Via Smudge tool (Finger) “combine” the road with grass.

Step 18

Take the image of Little Island and apply to it Hue / Saturation adjustment layer (Hue / Saturation) as shown below.

Step 19

With the eraser, we delete the extra areas as shown below. Duplicate and merge parts of the image to get a realistic result. If necessary, use Clone stamp tool (S) (Stamp) to fill in the blank areas.

Step 20

Repeat the same steps for the cliff on the right side.

Step 21

Adjust Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) for rocks and, if necessary, use Burn tool (O) (Dimmer).

Step 22

Using the images of Little Island and Rock 1 we create two large boulders. Adjust their color and use the eraser to adjust the shape. In addition, you can use the gradient ( Soft light (Soft light) 85%) from black (100%) to black (0%) to darken the bottom of the boulders. The idea is to combine all the elements of the image as accurately and harmoniously as possible.

Step 23

Duplicate boulders and reflect vertically. With the help of transformation in perspective (Ctrl + T) we deform them. By filter Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) slightly soften the edges. Reduce the opacity of the black shadow to make it look more realistic. If necessary, correct it with a low opacity eraser.

Step 24

Upload a picture with a tree and add it to our image. Duplicate the tree and adjust the size of the copies, as shown below. Use another image to add new trees.

Step 25

Via Burn / Dodge tool (O) (Dimmer / Clarifier) ​​create shadows and highlights on each tree, in accordance with the light source.

Step 26

To add realism, we need to create a shadow from the trees.

Step 27

Reduce the opacity of the shadow and apply a filter to it. Gaussian blur (Gaussian blur).

Step 28

Now we will make the lock higher and more spectacular. To do this, select the main part and duplicate it (Ctrl + J). Place a copy above the original, as shown below. Also dim with layer style Gradient overlay (Gradient overlap) bottom of the castle.

Step 29

Load the image with the bridge and delete the background. Adjust the size / position of the bridge and place it as shown below.

Step 30

To adjust the colors, add three adjustment layers: Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast), Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) and Color balance (Color balance).

Step 31

To add bridge supports, select the bottom of the bridge itself and stretch it down as shown below.

Step 32

Duplicate the bridge layer along with adjustment layers and place a copy on the right side of the image.

Step 33

For more creativity, we will add chess pieces on the bridge. Load the pawn and the queen. Cut them and place them on the bridge. You can experiment and add chess pieces on the castle. Apply to chess the corrective layers that we used for the bridge.

Step 34

Now we will finish the sky. Go to layer and using Clone stamp tool (S) (Stamp) Fill in the blank areas.

Step 35

Use a special brush to add clouds in the area of ​​the castle, bridge, etc. You can also use the filter Clouds (Clouds) (black and white, mode Screen (Lightening)).

Step 36

Add cherry trees. Using the selection and eraser cut several trees. In the area of ​​the crown, use the spray-shaped eraser to achieve a realistic cutout.

Step 37

Slightly increase Saturation (Saturation) cherry trees and add shadows.

Step 38

Now create a frame for our work, using the image with leaves. Insert the leaves on the working paper and remove the excess with an eraser so that they framed the lock. Also apply filter Gaussian blur (Gaussian blur).

Step 39

In the same way we add cherry branches. Try to carefully remove the background. We also use blur here.

Step 40

We have to add a light effect. On a new layer, use a special brush with highlights. In addition, using another brush can add additional effects.

Step 41

To adjust the color tone, you can use the adjustment layer. Photo filter (Photo filter) or add Gradient map (Gradient map).

Step 42

Here is the final result of the fantastic photo manipulation in the style of the White Queen’s castle from the movie “Alice in Wonderland”.

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