Create a fascinating collage in Photoshop

In this lesson we will create a bright and colorful illustration.

Step 1. Find a suitable photo (or wallpaper) with good contrast, because the result of the work will depend on it.
Note: Please note that the image is black and white.

Step 2. Duplicate the layer and add a layer mask. Then, activate the mask and use the eraser to mask everything except the main object, in this case it’s a girl.

Step 3. Now add a layer between the two already existing ones, change blending mode for layer on Color tone. On it, use a gradient with the color you choose, for example, from yellow to transparent. This is necessary to add contrast between the girl and the background. Do not overdo it, the color should be barely noticeable.

Step 4. In this, it is necessary to incorporate your artistic skills and imagination and draw flowers and arbitrary lines. The author of the lesson used Illustrator for this, but this step can be done in Photoshop. Create a new layer, make sure that it is above the layer with the “masked” girl. Using tool Pen, draw arbitrary lines on the body. Draw where you want, but only so that the lines of the girl’s figure are repeated. To add flowers, use brushes or shapes.

Step 5. If you are unhappy with color, then Image> Adjustment> Hue /Saturation (Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation)

Step 6. Now use the tool Dimmer , to add depth. Change the size of the brush for the best possible result.

Step 7. Work again with Hue / saturation, as in Step # 5, select the most appropriate tone for your girlfriend. To the layer with lines and colors add layer mask and mask some details to make the image more attractive. Trust your taste, do not be afraid to experiment.

Step 8. Now, with a flick of the wrist, draw a shadow under the model using the blending mode. Multiplication, place one shadow below the layer with the girl and with 100% opacity, and the other over the girl and with opacity 50%. This is necessary to hide the difference between the model and the background.

Step 9. In this step, the author again refers to the Illustrator editor to open and paste the image with stains and splashes.
In Photoshop, you can perform this step using brushes with splashes and stains of paint and mascara. Make several prints of different sizes on the new layer. Change the blending mode for the layer to Multiplication. Move the stained layer behind the girl and experiment with opacity. Do this several times until you get a messy picture.

Step 10. Applying your drawing skills, draw something beautiful and scan or find a beautiful vector drawing on the Internet. Place this drawing below the main image with the girl. Then change the blending mode to Multiplication and the following: Edit> Transform> Perspective (Editing – Transforming – Perspective), to stretch it according to our composition.

Step 11. Now add a girl floral effect. The author used the editor Painter. In Photoshop, you can add this effect using the layer style. Overlapping pattern. Choose and, if necessary, upload a floral texture. Set the blending mode to Overlap and reduce the opacity to 15%.

Step 12. The next step is the decoration of our image. Cut out the flowers and place them behind the main layer with the girl, add a slight shadow for contrast. Use different size, opacity and blending modes to create an effect of heterogeneity. It seems to me that the more, the more colorful the result will be.

Step 13. Further, everything that we will do with you will be built only on your imagination. But in the end, I would still like to see something unusual, the effect of chaos, splashing, and disorder.

Step 14. Add more elements, making them the same as with flowers. You can also use ready-made vector brushes and paint them yourself as in the image below.

Step 15. We continue to experiment in the same direction.

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