Create a fiery surreal composition in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a surrealistic composition “On Fire” in Photoshop. We use a brush Watercolor paints to create the background, add an image of the model. Next, we will correct the image of the model. We also use the original image of the fire to create the final effect.

OK. Let’s get started!

Final result

Step 1

Create a new document with the following dimensions 800 px * 1131 px, the background is white.
Use the Grunge brush to create a grunge texture on top of the layer with the background. Do not forget to reduce opacity (Opacity) brush up to about 45%:

Step 2

Open the original model image in Photoshop. Cut out the model image. Copy (Copy) / glue (Paste) highlighted model image on our working paper:

To the layer with the model, add a layer mask and using a combination of soft eraser tools and a watercolor brush, process the area around the model image. The brush processing area is highlighted in red in the screenshot below:

Details of processing on the layer mask:

The result of the current lesson:

Step 3

For the model layer, apply 3 adjustment layers as clipping masks:

Black-white(Black and White)



Processing details on the adjustment mask mask Levels (levels):

The resulting effect at the moment lesson:

Step 4

In this step we will create an abstract effect. Use a different set of grunge brushes, draw an abstract pattern around the model image. You do not have to limit yourself to any particular style, feel free to choose brushes, use those brushes that you think are suitable for your work. Remember to create a new layer below the model layer to create an effect behind the model image.

Areas where I recommend you use brushes regardless of the type of brushes selected. These are the following areas:

Area of ​​the left shoulder:

Left leg:

Head and right shoulder area:

Also use the brushes Hair that you downloaded. Add the hair texture on the left side (use the tool Free Transformation (Free transform) to rotate the drawn texture)

My result at the moment:

Step 5

In this step, we will add fiery particles. Open the Fire texture in Photoshop. To isolate small particles of fire, you can use two methods:

  • Use tool Fast selection (quick selection), then hold down the (Ctrl) key and copy (Copy) / paste (Paste) selected fragments to our working paper.
  • Use the Particle brush. To do this, create a new layer and then apply a Particle brush on a new layer. Create an active selection around the created particles, then go back to the layer with the fire texture. Copy (Paste) selected particles of fire onto our working paper.

Add fiery particles to the following areas (use the tool Free Transformation (Free transform) for varying particle sizes):

Step 6

In this step, we will add a fire effect to our composition. Using tool Lasso (Lasso Tool), pre-setting the value Feathering (feather) 40 px for this tool, select part of the fire texture, as shown in the screenshot below:

Copy (Paste) the pasted Fire texture onto our working paper. Change the blending mode for the Fire Texture layer to Bright light (Vivid Light):

Shift the Fire texture to the left edge of the grunge effect. Using tool Free Transformation (Free transform), adjust the size of the texture:

Repeat the previous step, adding 2 more Fire textures to the areas that are shown in the screenshot below:

Step 7

As a final touch, we can create a single layer using the tool. Clarifier (Dodge Tool), add light highlights to the model’s face:

We can add 2 adjustment layers on top of all layers for a small color correction:

Selective color correction (Selective color)

Curves (Curves)


We have completed the lesson! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it was useful for you. You can see the final result in the screenshot below. See you, have a nice day!

Final result

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