Create a grim photo manipulation in Photoshop

This is what we should come to as a result of the lesson:

Photoshop gives us a great opportunity to combine several completely different images into a single whole. In today’s lesson you will learn how to make an interesting and unusual photo manipulation out of several photos and textures.

To get started, download these images here:

Open the room image and unlock the background layer. To do this, double click on the background layer. Name the new layer “Room”

Now we need to remove the garbage from the bottom right corner of the image. Take the tool Clone stamp (clone). Alt-click on the left side of the image (where there is no garbage) and use cloning to remove all the excess from the right side of the image. Take a look at the picture:

Now, in the same way, remove the graffiti from the column. It should work out like mine:

Open a new layer above the room. Call it Fog. I hope that you have already downloaded the necessary set of DarkFog.abr brushes. Play with these brushes until you achieve the same result as mine.

Now slightly reduce the transparency of this layer. Now we will add a mask to the Fog layer to slightly correct it. Click on the icon Layer mask (layer mask) at the bottom of the layers palette, and then Alt-click on the mask itself to start editing the image:

Activate soft, round brush (Brush tool), set the primary color to # 000000 (black) and paint on masked , as shown by me. You can reduce the transparency a bit when processing the lower part of the image:

Now deactivate mask (click on the adjacent window of the same layer) and see what happened:

Now we add an image of a girl. Open it and unlock the background layer. Name the layer “Girl”. Now the PC is on the layer and select the command Duplicate layer (duplicate layer). In the window that appears, change the document to ReFuge.psd and click OK.

Place the “Girl” layer under the “Fog” layer and add layer mask :

Go to Edit> Free Transform (edit – free transform) and enter Free Transform Mode (free transformation mode). Post an image like mine.

Activate the tool Pen (Pen) mode Paths and draw a circle around the girl:

Make a PC and select the option Make selection (make a selection). Set the feathering radius (Feather) to 0 pix., Turn on Anti-aliased. Now click OK.

Now we need to invert the selection. Go to Select> Inverse (highlight – invert) or press Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + I. Click on layer mask Girl. Activate brush (Brush tool), set the main color to black (# 000000) and draw until all parts of the image, except for the girl itself, become invisible. After that, deselect (Select> Deselect)

Activate Rectangular marquee tool (rectangular selection tool) and select this part of the image: Make sure that you are on the Girl layer mask. Go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (filter-blur – blur according to Gauss). Set the blur radius 3.0.

We continue to work on the layer mask. Go to Select > Inverse (highlight – invert) or press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + I. Invert the selection. Now add a filter. Go to Filter > Blur > GaussianBlur (filter – blur – blur in gauss) and set a radius of 1. 9 pixels. Deselect.

Now go back to the Girl layer and go to Edit> Transform> Skew (edit – transform –distract). Move the top right corner down a little and the bottom right corner up.

Open a new layer and place it below the “Girl” layer. Name the layer Shadow. Make the “Fog” layer invisible and go back to the “Shadow” layer. Reduce the transparency of the layer to 84%. Activate soft brush (brush tool), set the main color to black and create the same shadow as mine:

Turn on the “Fog” layer. Create a new layer and name it “Blue 1”. Place the layer above the “Mist” layer. Take Paint bucket tool (fill), set the color to # 001d3e and fill the layer. Set the blending mode to Soft light (soft light), reduce opacity to 80%

Press Cmd / Ctrl + J and duplicate the layer “Blue 1”. Rename it to “Blue 2”, reduce the fill / fill (Fill) layer to 69%

Once again duplicate the “Blue 2” layer and name it “Blue 3”. Set Fill to 47%.

Now select the layers “Blue 1”, “Blue 2” and “Blue 3”. Click Cmd / Ctrl + G and create a new group. Call it “Blue Mix”. Add a layer mask to the group.

Alt-click on the mask. Activate Gradient tool (Gradient). Set the bottom color to # 000000 and the top one to #FFFFFF. Draw a gradient from the left to the right corner of the image. This is how you should now have a layer mask:

Exit mode masks . Create a new layer and name it “Green Mix”. Place the layer above the “Blue Mix” group. Activate Paint Bucket Tool (watering can), set the color to # 00e610, set the blending mode to Multiply and reduce the filling to 53%.

Now add to the Green Mix layer mask . You are taking Gradient tool (Gradient), Again set the bottom color to # 000000 and the top one to #FFFFFF. Now hold down Shift, drag the gradient from the right edge to the left, capturing approximately one third of the image.

Exit mode masks . Now we will lighten the image of the girl a little to make the picture more expressive. Select the Girl layer and go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Levels (layer – correction – levels). Do not forget to create Clipping mask (clipping mask). See what settings I used:

Go back to the “Girl” layer. Go to Image> Auto Color (image – auto color) or press Cmd / Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L. Activate the Burn Tool (dimmer) and darken the image in the same places as mine. Now take Dodge tool (clarifier) ​​and add light. Focus on my picture:

See, now we need to darken the right side of the image. Open a new layer above the “Room” layer and name it “Dark Parts”. Make all layers invisible except the “Room” and “Dark Parts” layers. Using a large soft black brush, process the layer so that you get this result:

Set the Fill layer “Dark Parts” to 16% and make all layers visible. Now we will frame the image. Open another layer at the top. Call it “Frame”. Go to Select> All (select all) or press Cmd / Ctrl + A.

Ctrl-click on the “Frame” layer to select it. Go to Select> Inverse (select – invert). Then go to Select> Modify> Expand (select – modify – expand). Set in the window that appears 12 pixels. Activate Rectangular marquee tool (rectangular selection area) and select the option Stroke (stroke). Set the following settings:

You are taking Horizontal Font (Horizontal Type Tool) and in the upper right corner write the word “Refuge” (shelter). Use the white SF Iron Gothic Extended size 18 font.

Make a PC on a layer with text. Go to Overlay options (Blending options) Set the following settings for Inner shadow (inner shadow) and Satin (Satin / gloss).

Now open the first paper texture. Place it in the main document and name it “Paper Texture 1”. Go to Edit> Transform> Rotate 90 Degrees CW (edit – transform – rotate by 90%). See how I posted the texture.

Set the layer blending mode to Multiply (multiplication)

Now open the second texture, place it in the main document above all layers. Name the layer “Paper Texture 2”. Turn it around a bit. Set the blending mode to Overlay (overlap), reduce opacity to 70%.

Final image:

That’s all. Our dark manipulation is ready. I hope you enjoyed the lesson and had a good time. Good luck!

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