Create a magical image in Photoshop

In this lesson, you will learn how to turn a simple portrait into an amazing artistic image … with an outline. You will learn how to create lines in a portrait to create eyelashes or hair strands, and how to mix one texture with another. You will also learn how to apply different layering methods that will further enhance the artistic image of your painting.

The program we use is Adobe Photoshop. Images that will be used in the lesson can be downloaded at

Final result

Source materials:

STEP one. First, open the Model image (code: 8802685) in Adobe Photoshop. Select the image of the girl, copy / paste the selected image of the girl on a new layer. you can use Channel mask (Channel Masking) to remove the background.

STEP 2 You can use white as the background, after separating the girl from the original background. Next, remove the color shades by converting them to Grayscale (Grayscale). Or you can just discolor the image of the girl, let’s go Image – Correction – Discolor (Image> Mode> Desaturate).

STEP 3 Next, decorate the image of the girl lines. Install a hard brush, the diameter of the brush is 8pt, then use the tool Pen (Pen Tool), draw a curved contour in the hair area near the frontal part of the girl. Then, right-click on the contour and in the menu that appears, select the option Outline the contour (Stroke Path), then in the window that appears, put a tick in the box Simulate pressure (Simulate Pressure).

STEP four. Add more lines to the girl’s hair, repeat the previous step as many times as you need, until you create enough lines.

STEP five. Once you have finished decorating your hair with lines, you can continue creating facial lines.

STEP 6 From the face, go to the girl’s body. Add lines along the edge of the line of a woman’s hand, hand, and fingers.

STEP 7 Next, draw lines that create long eyelashes on the girl’s right eye so that the eyelashes stand out even more. To create long eyelashes, use the tool Pen (Pen Tool). Duplicate the eyelash, each time reducing the shape of the eyelashes.

STEP 8. Repeat the previous step to create eyelashes on the girl’s left eye.

STEP 9. Next, open the image with a sandstone texture (code: 5198432). Rotate the canvas clockwise 90 degrees cw and convert the texture to Grayscale (Grayscale).

STEP ten. Place the texture layer on top of the layer with the girl; transform the texture layer into a scraping mask. You can also remove unwanted parts of the sandstone texture that extend beyond the female body. See the screenshot below for clarification.

Translator’s Note: To the layer with the sandstone texture, add a layer mask and on the layer mask, you can hide the extra areas located behind the contour of the female body.

STEP 11. Next, change the blending mode for the sandstone texture to Difference (Difference).

STEP 12. Duplicate the sandstone texture layer by placing a duplicate image on top of the female face. You can use the tool Deformation (Warp Tool) to direct the flow of sand texture.

STEP 13. Change the blending mode for this layer to Difference (Difference) and remove unwanted parts of the sand texture outside the face. Next, we will add another texture with sand in the forehead area.

STEP 14. Place another copy of the sandstone texture on the forehead of the girl. Flip or rotate the image with the texture until you get the same streams of sand, as shown in the screenshot below. Change the blending mode for this layer to Hard light (Hard Light), reduce the layer opacity to 50-60% and remove excess areas of the sandstone image around the female head.

STEP 15. Next, let’s add even more detail to the image. Open the Set of Vector Grunge Elements (code: 8060246).

STEP sixteen. Insert one of the images of the spray from the set with the vector elements and at the end of the flowing drop. Position one of the spray images in the upper left section above the hand, next to the hair.

STEP 17 Continue to insert splashes with long streaks across the entire height of the image. You can position the spray around the female hand, arm and neck.

STEP 18. Feel looser, feel free to add more splashes to the image, wherever you yourself would like. You can use black and white for this purpose.

STEP nineteen. Next, open the image with the starry sky and the nebula (code: 7275545 and 7267479).

STEP 20. Position the stars and nebula (code: 7267479) around the top of the girl’s hair. Change the blending mode for these layers to Replace Light (Lighten)

STEP 21. Place another image with stars and nebula (code: 7275545) in the lower part of the female hair. Change the blending mode for this layer to Replace Light (Lighten)

STEP 22 Repeat the previous step with the same star image and nebula. Flip the image and change the blending mode for this layer to Lightening (Screen).

STEP 23. Now, let’s adjust the overall color of the image. You can apply an adjustment layer. Selective color correction (Selective Color) and change color shades Black, Neutral and White (Black, Neutral and White). For example, you can apply the following settings, for Black (Black): Yellow (Yellow): -45, The black (Black): +25, for White (White): The black (Black): -100 and for Neutral (Neutral): The black (Black): -21. Show creativity, adjust color shades at your discretion.

STEP 24 You can change the shades of white to creamy yellow shades. You can apply an adjustment layer. Channel Mixing (Channel Mixer) and change settings Blue Channel (Blue Channel) Constant (Constant: -6).

Note: Steps 23 and 24 are optional. Feel free to give free rein to your imagination, customize the shades to your palette of colors.

STEP 25 Next, create a circle shape. Fill with any color to your taste and change the blending mode for this layer to Lightening Basics (Color Dodge), reduce the opacity of the layer to 40-50%.

STEP 26 Add more details by adding additional circles and for each circle change the blending modes, for example, Lightening Basics (Color Dodge), Lightening (Screen)) Light replacement (Lighten) or Hard Light (Hard Light).

STEP 27. Open the image of the Orion Nebula (code: 8915041), place this image on top of all layers in our layers palette. Change the blending mode for this layer to Difference (Difference), layer opacity 50-60%.

STEP 28. Next, let’s add a background to our image. Open the image with Clouds (code: 10341148). Place this layer below all layers.

STEP 29. Reduce the layer opacity with clouds to 25%.

STEP thirty. Finally, apply a soft brush with the setting Scattering (Scattering), apply a brush all over the image with the girl. Just go to the menu Window (Window) and select the option Brushes (Brushes). In the settings of the brush, select the option Scattering (Scattering) and adjust the brush as you like. For a better result, you can apply an effect. External glow (Outer Glow).

So, we finished the lesson

In the screenshot below, the female portrait before and after: –

I hope you enjoyed such a very easy lesson that was prepared for you.

Final result

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