Create a meteorite in Photoshop

In this lesson I will write you step by step how to create outer space around an exploding meteorite. Some steps may seem complicated to you, but do not be afraid of difficulties. Attempt – no torture! )))

This is what should happen in the end:

(click on image to enlarge)

To complete this lesson, you will need the following resources:


Step 1. Create a new document sized 1400×900 pixels with a black background. Create a new layer and using a brush Fire explosion brush, small nebula as below:

(Note: Do not set the opacity and brush pressure too large, try adjusting them to within 20%. Use soft eraser, to remove part of the cloud, to create a depth effect.)

Create a new layer and draw a black circle on it as shown below:

Step 2. Download rock texture, select instrument Quick Selection Tool, set the size parameters to 35 pixels:

Select a part of the texture with this tool:

Paste the copied fragment into our document and discolor it, since color is not important to us:

Go back to the texture of the rock, select a few other fragments and paste them into the main work, also, not forgetting to bleach them:

Make the layer with a black circle invisible, this is what should happen:

Step 3. Now merge the layers with the fragments of the rock and duplicate the resulting layer several times, reduce the size of the duplicates and scatter them on the canvas, as shown below:

Then using brush from the Debris Brush set, draw shards around the meteorite (be sure to adjust the opacity and brush pressure to within 40%, before starting work on the shards).

Make sure that you have processed all meteorites, including small ones, scattered in all directions:

Using brush fire explosion brush, draw a cloud around the meteorite, as shown below:

Step 4. I decided to add a slight motion blur to make the effect more dynamic. So let’s create a new layer and draw brush debris brush something like this:

Apply the following settings to the image for motion blur:

…and this is what you should do:

Go to menu Filter> Sharpness> Sharpness (Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen) and use this filter to add a bit of clarity to the image:

You will notice that due to the sharpness, some parts of the image become brighter:

Reduce some layer opacity to about 50%. Here is what you see in the end:

Duplicate this layer several times and again scatter on our “space”. Do not forget to adjust the opacity and size:

Step 5. The bulk of the work is over. I created a new layer and added a small glow effect on it, using a soft white brush:

Warp a little this glow and place it in the upper left corner of the meteorite:

Here is the result:

Add a Curves Adjustment layer from the menu Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Curves. Set it up as shown in the examples:

And you will get this effect:

You can, of course, experiment with the color of the image, darken some and lighten other areas to achieve the most successful result:

Here’s what I got as a result:

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