Create a radiant photo effect in Photoshop

This effect is primarily designed for women, but it can also be useful for men. In this tutorial, we’ll use different layer styles, basic Photoshop tools, and work a little with light effects. So let’s start learning.

Step 1. Create a new document (Ctrl + N) size 1260? 1024, resolution 72 and color mode RGB colors, 8 bits. Now we will place the model photo in the document. Duplicate the layer with the girl and name this layer “Model”.

Step 2. Let’s move to the copy of the layer with the model and discolor it (Ctrl + Alt + U). Now let’s adjust Levels (levels). Press (Ctrl + L), put the settings: 50,1.00,255 or see the settings below:

Step 3. Go back to the background layer and double click on the layer to unlock. It’s time to add a layer style (Add a layer style) to our background, move on Layer-> Layer Style-> Gradient Overlay (Layer -> LayerStyle -> GradientOverlay). Choose gradient overlay style-> radial style (GradientOverlay-> Styleradial) and FFFFFF and 6B6B6B colors or follow the settings

(click on image to enlarge)

Step 4. Add a new layer above the rest (Ctrl + Shift + N), and name this layer “Clouds”. Follow this link and download the brush set. Now draw the clouds at the feet of the girl.

Step 5. Then we will draw several white lines that will twist around the legs of the model. Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and name it “White lines”. Choose a tool Pen (PenTool) and draw a few curved contours around the legs of the model. When done, select a 1px round brush. Then reactivate Pen (PenTool), right-click on the path and select Perform a stroke (StrokePath) tick, Imitatepressure (SimulatePressure) and press the OK button, and then take Eraser (Erasetool), and remove unnecessary items.

Step 6. Let’s add some more effects to our image. Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and name it “Bright Lines”. This time we activate the tool. Rectangularallotment (Rectangular Marquee tool) and create a selection. Next, choose a soft round Brush (Brush) 400 pixels (white) and click once inside a rectangular selection, following the example in the image below. Then, deselect (Ctrl + D) and press (Ctrl + T) to resize the created rectangle and rotate 45 degrees.

Step 7. Press (Ctrl + J) to copy the “Bright Lines” layer and hide the original layer (by clicking on the eye next to it). Press (Ctrl + T) to resize line copy. Now let’s create a small glow effect by copying this line several times. Copy and resize, then press (Ctrl + T), right-click and select Flip horizontally (FlipHorizontal). We will repeat this process until we create a bright star, and then combine all these layers together using the command (Ctrl + E). When you’re done, rename this layer to “Bright Star.” Copy this layer and place it in some parts of the model’s body.


Step 8. Let’s go back to the “Bright Lines” layer and return its visibility. Now let’s copy this line (Ctrl + J) and change the size. Use (Ctrl + T) to resize and tool Move (Move) to move. Copy many times and place images in several places to create beautiful lines. Make a few lines behind the model. When you’re done, select all the layers, hold down the Ctrl key and press the key combination (Ctrl + E) to merge the layers.

Step 9. It’s time to add some color to our image. Go back to the copy of the Model layer and select the tool Pen (Pen Tool) create a path around the bikini. When you finish your path, right-click on the path and select To form a selected area (Make Selection). After that, just press the Delete button to delete this area. The color part of the original model layer will appear.

Step 10. Now let’s create some squares. Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and name it “Squares”, select the tool Rectangularregion (Rectangular Marquee Too), hold down the Alt key and create a square. Now use the tool Pipette (Eyedropper Tool) to take a bikini color swatch. Then fill the square selection with this color. Do not deselect. Drag the selection to the side and fill it with light blue. Repeat the process, and now drag the selection down and fill it with white. See the example below. When you finish creating squares go Filter-> Design-> Mosaic (Filter-> Pixelate-> Mosaic) cell size 60 click OK. Copy this layer (Ctrl + J) and place on other parts of the model. Now change, Modemixing (Blend Mode) of this layer on Softshine (Soft Light) and Opacity at 50%. You can simply merge these layers (Ctrl + E) or into a group (Ctrl + G).

Step 11. Now let’s add flowers and sparkles. Let’s go back to the “Clouds” layer and download brushes Patterns and Glitters. Now we draw at the feet of the model. On the “Clouds” layer, select a small Brush (Brush) 15px and paint by resizing. Follow the example in the picture:

Step 12. Let’s add some shadow under the legs of the girl. Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) under the model layer and select Brush (Brush) Airbrush (Airbrush) size of 100px, make a horizontal line, (as shown in the picture below) at the feet of the model. Then move on Filter-> Blur-> Bluratmovement (Filter-> Blur-> Motion Blur), Angle (0) and Offset (Distance) 999. Change Modemixing (Blend Mode) layer on Softshine (Soft Light) and Opacity 65%. Then press (Ctrl + F) to repeat the process.

Step 13. In the last step, create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) above all others and call it “Triangles”. Choose a tool Rectilinearlasso (Polygonal Lasso Tool) to create a triangle shape, as in the image below, and then select Radialgradient ( Radial gradient), select white color and drag upwards to fill. Then deselect (Ctrl + D) and repeat the same process, with different triangle shapes and different colors. Change the Opacity of the layer to 40%.

Step14. This is an optional step. If the triangles seem sharp to you, select the tool. Finger (Smudge Tool), Mode (Mode): Normal (Normal), Intensity (Strength) 10% and move along the triangles in the direction of the body. Do it slowly.

Our work is finished! All the best and creative success to you!

Author: Ricardo

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