Create a representative in the Photoshop race Ori

If you’re a stargate fan, you will probably enjoy this fantastic Photoshop tutorial. I watched all the Stargate series with great interest and soon became a big fan of this science fiction series. I decided to create a lesson, taking the stargate as a topic. In spite of the fact that in the Gateway the Orai race was the most evil of all, it inspired me to create a new composition. I decided to turn the image of a real person into a mystical character.

My lessons always begin with an idea. Then I make a few sketches of my idea on paper. If it looks good, I start looking for the best stock images for my theme. This is quite a difficult step, as I carefully select images and resources, because the quality of the final work depends on them. This lesson is inspired by my favorite series called Stargate. I’m sure this is a pretty famous movie among sci-fi fans, especially men. Okay, no more talking, let’s go search for images. I found three images that are perfect for my lesson. I usually find images on, because there are a lot of talented people who create high-quality images.

Final image:

1. Prepare the face and the mantle

Let’s start with the mantle of Orai. First you need to carefully remove the background from the image. For this, I applied the tool Eraser (Eraser) but you can use the tool PenTool (Pen), create a selection and delete the background. If you will use Eraser (Eraser), select a hard round brush of 9 px. Be careful with the edges so as not to erase parts of the mantle. For this work, I used a graphics tablet, with a mouse is much more difficult. A word of advice! If you find it difficult to erase vertically or at the bottom of the canvas, you can rotate the image, erase and turn it back. You can also use Zoom(Magnifier) ​​for the ability to see the image in detail. Do the same with the face. Resize the image to 95% and separate only the face and neck from the background.

2. Retouch the mantle of Ori

As you can see, the mantle Ora is dressed on a man with a mask on his face. You need to remove the mask and paint over this place to create the missing parts of the mantle. First take the tool Eraser (Eraser) and remove the wooden mask. Place the guy’s face a layer below, as in the following image:

We need to recreate the missing parts of the face as realistically as possible. Select a part of the face (left side), copy to a new layer and flip it horizontally. Place it on the right side and erase the visible borders between the layers. Use tools Smudge tool (Finger) and Liquify (Plastic) to get the perfect combination. Combine these two layers (Face and left side of the head)

To recreate the missing part of the neck, use the tool. Smudge tool (Finger). Take a small brush and try to create wrinkles and veins for a realistic result. Use a round brush and opacity around 90 – 100%.

3. Hide eyebrows Orai

The next step in turning a young man into Orai is to hide his eyebrows. To do this, take the tool Smudge tool (Finger) with a small brush. Zoom in to work through every detail, try making many small strokes moving from top to bottom and bottom to top.

4. Retouch the mantle of Ori

As you can see in the place where the mask was, part of the mantle is missing. We will try to redo it using the tool. Smudge tool (Finger). Use tools Dodge (Clarifier) ​​and Burn (Dimmer) to create cloth folds. Look at the rest of the fabric and fill the voids as realistic as possible. My graphics tablet was a real help for this work.

5. Retouching the skin of the Ori

At this step, change the skin color of the Ori. Use correction Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) and Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast). You can see the parameters on the following images:

Look at the images BEFORE and AFTER the correction of skin color. Now the skin looks paler.

6. Add shadows on the face of Orai

As you probably already know, when applying various cropped images, you need to be careful in several details, such as color tone, light, shadow, etc. In this case, the only thing you need to add for a realistic overlay is the shadow. You see that we have two layers with a face and a hood. Now two things look as if they are at the same distance and give the image an unrealistic look. I want to create the impression that the face is farther away than the hood. For this, I need to add the shadow of the hood that falls on the face. Add styles to face Inner shadow (Inner Shadow) and InnerGlow (Inner Glow).

You may notice a big difference between the two images, without shadow and with shadow.

Now it looks more realistic, but let’s add another shadow on the right side, where the shadow of the hood is not too noticeable. The easiest way to do this is to create another layer by layer with a mantle and a black soft round brush of 20 px in size to draw shadows.

7. Let’s transform eyes of Orai

We continue to turn a normal person into an Ori, now we need to change our eyes from dark to light blue. To do this, take the tool Brush (Brush) size 3 px, c Opacity (opacity) 30-50%. Create a new layer called Orai’s painted eyes. And just paint your eyes with the colors shown in the picture below. I used a graphic tablet that made my work a lot easier.

As you can see in the image before / after with a few simple touches, the eyes were greatly transformed.

8. Add wrinkles on the face of Ori

We got a young man, Orai, and we all know that in the process of transformation, a person will become old, with a lot of facial wrinkles. So copy the image Old man and change its size to 50%. Turn a bit and try to position it as precisely as possible on the face of Ori. Use the tool Liquify (Plastic) to move the facial features of the old person (nose, mouth, etc.) so that they match the layout of the features of the young face of Orai. Select the layer with the young person (press Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail). Go back to the layer Old man, right click on the selected area, select Inverse (Invert) and press Delete. Now change the blending mode of the layer. Old man on HardLight (hard light) with Opacity (Opacity) 70%.

Now go to Hue / Saturation (Hue / saturation), reduce layer saturation Starito. Also add some Surface blur (Blurring on the surface) to improve the skin. After that, configure Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) to get the best result.

Using a soft round brush and tool Eraser (Eraser), clean the forehead, eyes and other elements of the layer Old man so that two layers Old man and face of Orai superimposed as best you can. Here is how your image should look like:

9. Add characters to the skin.

Oriy has symbols applied to the skin. For this you can use Tassels Tattoos, ready-made forms or your own drawings. You can use one of the Tattoo brushes. So select the symbols and place them on the skin where you want. Name this layer Tattoos. Select them and go back to the face layer. Copy the selected part (Ctrl + C) and paste it on a separate layer (Ctrl + V). New layer name Tattoo on skin. Remove or make invisible layer with black symbols. Make skin color characters more voluminous with styles. Drop shadow (Shadow), Outer glow (External Glow) and Bevel Emboss (Embossed).

In addition, I added some symbols on the costume. This time I myself drew a symbol like the symbol from the Stargate series.

10. Add an image in the background.

At this stage, my graphics tablet broke, so work slowed down a bit. This is the last step in which we will add a background image, as well as add other final touches. So add a photo of the desert to the background. You can see a slight difference in color saturation between the background and the representative of the Ori. Therefore, simply adjust the saturation of the mantle of the Ori, without affecting the face layer and other layers. Create a new layer called Preview Ori. Hide the desert background layer and go to the menu Image> Apply Image (Image> External Channel). Now you have all the layers of the character will be on the same layer. Apply styles Inner glow (Internal glow) and Outer glow (External glow). After that, you can turn on the desert layer.

Go back to the menu Image> Apply Image (Image> External Channel). Apply filter LensesFlare (Glare) through the menu Filter> Render> LensesFlare (Filter> Rendering> Blick).

To make the image look more like a sci-fi landscape, you can add multiple textures Glare with the blending mode Screen (Screen) or Lighten (Lighter). You can also add a large planet to the back. Use one of these images of the Planet for a quick, realistic result.

Here is the final result of our science fiction Photoshop scene. I hope you enjoyed this lesson, in which we turned a person into a representative of the Ori race from the Stargate series.

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