Create a steampunk castle in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a fantastic steampunk castle.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1

First we will create a background with clouds using two textures. For the bottom we take this texture. Place it as shown below and apply Color Balance adjustment layers (Color balance) and Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast). Convert adjustment layers to clipping masks so that they only affect the sky layer.

Step 2

Using tool Clone stamp tool (S) (Stamp) Clone the sky, as shown below. To select a cloning area, left-click on the image with the ALT key held down.

Step 3

For the top of the sky we use this texture. Place it as shown below and flip vertically. Edit – Transform – Flip Vertical (Editing – Transformation – Flip Vertically).

Step 4

Now we add a layer mask to the top layer by clicking on the special icon at the bottom of the layers panel. Using tool Gradient tool (G) (Gradient) Fill the mask with the usual black and white gradient to create a smooth transition between the two textures.

Step 5

Again we add two adjustment layers, but now for the top texture.

Step 6

We convert the layer with the upper clouds into a smart object (right-click on the layer and select Convert to Smart Object). Then apply the filter Filter – Sharpen – Smart Sharpen (Filter – Sharpness – Smart sharpness). We apply a black and white gradient to the mask of the smart object to create a smooth transition.

Step 7

Now we will add rock to the right. We must select the background with any selection tool and remove it, leaving only the rock.

Step 8

As you can see, the color of the rock does not quite fit harmoniously into the overall picture, so we will apply Color Balance adjustment layer (Color balance).

Step 9

Duplicate the rock and its adjustment layer, reflect the duplicate horizontally Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontally (Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontally) and place as shown below.

Step 10

Add a castle on the rock. Flip it horizontally and remove the background. Use a soft eraser to clean the bottom of the lock where it connects to the rock.

Step 11

Again we apply adjustment layers to remove differences in color, lighting and saturation.

Step 12

To make the castle look more impressive, let’s make it bigger. To do this, we duplicate it together with adjustment layers and move it above the original.

Step 13

Create a new layer and set its blend mode to Multiply (Multiplication). Black brush (B), adjusting the level of opacity, add shadows.

Step 14

Now use the image to add a few rocks on the background. Apply adjustment layers to the photo and duplicate it. We reduce the opacity of these rocks to about 40-55% and correct them with soft eraser (E)

Step 15

Add an element of steampunk. As before, we remove the background and apply adjustment layers with approximately the same parameters as for the rocks. Also soft eraser (E) create a neat transition between rock and pipes.

Step 16

Load the image with smoke. Place the smoke near the chimney. Adjust the size of the smoke (Ctrl + T), set the blending mode to Multiply (Multiplication) and opacity by 85%. Apply to smoke Brightness / Contrast adjustment layer (Brightness / Contrast). Add a layer mask and a black brush with an opacity of 30% edit the smoke to give it a more distorted look. Also, instead of stock images, you can use special brushes to add smoke.

Step 17

Now add an airship. Remove the white background from the picture and apply to it Brightness / Contrast adjustment layer (Brightness / Contrast).

Step 18

On the new layer with a brush draw a rope (color # 4b5546). Load the image with the beacon and delete the background. We have to create an effect as if the ship is transporting a lighthouse. To do this, you need to expand it a bit (Ctrl + T) and create a destruction effect at the bottom.

Step 19

Apply filter to beacon Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion) to create a motion effect.

Step 20

Adjust the colors.

Step 21

To make it realistic, add a cracked texture to the lighthouse. Set the blending mode to Darken (Replace with dark) and opacity at 65%. You can also create falling beacon fragments using LassoTool (L) (Lasso) and texture.

Step 22

Use the sparkle brush to add light effects. You can duplicate the airship, adjust the size and location of the copies, and create something like an air invasion. If necessary, use eraser (E) to erase parts of the ships hidden behind the clouds.

Step 23

To make the light effect even brighter, add a highlight on the lighthouse.

Step 24

Returning to the rock with the castle to add a few additional elements. Load an image with a dry tree and paste it above the locks and on the rocks. In addition, you can use special brushes with silhouettes of trees. Do not forget to adjust the colors using the adjustment layer ColorBalance (Color balance).

Step 25

Using a special brush on the roofs of the castle draw grass. You can also add birds or other items that you find interesting.

Step 26

As a final touch, create a new layer and set its blend mode to Overlay (Overlap). Soft brush (B), adjusting the level of opacity, draw shadows and light (using black and white colors, respectively). Then create another layer in the mode Color (Chroma) and orange color draw a glow around the lighthouse.

Using the adjustment layer GradientMap (Gradient Map) or Photo Filter, you can create an interesting color effect.

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