Create a surreal kaleidoscope portrait in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a surreal kaleidoscope portrait in Photoshop using abstract shapes. You will be able to create interesting kaleidoscope portraits with the help of this technique, using various forms and images. There are unlimited possibilities for creating abstract portraits, basically, the only limiter is your imagination. Hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Final image

  1. The source of the lesson is missing some images. In the archive you will find an alternative version of the materials for the lesson.
  2. At the heart of the lesson is the use of paid action Kaleidoscope Abstract Effect. His actions related to the transformation of shapes can be replaced by a lesson. Create spectacular patterns in Photoshop Example 1

Step 1

Open a new PSD file called surreal-portrait.psd. Insert a photo of a person into it. Name this layer Portrait.

Step 2

Right click on the layer Portrait and select DuplicateLayer (Duplicate Layer) in a new document called surreal-effect-1.

Step 3

Action was used for this lesson. KaleidoscopeAbstractEffect; From the archive, install the files ATN and CSH. First you need to load the operation into the Photoshop tab Actions (Operations). So open the panel Actions (Operations) through the menu Window> Actions (Window> Operations) or you can simply press the ALT + F9 key combination and simply load the file KALEIDOSCOPE-by-PSDDUDE.atn.

Step 4

In the same archive, the CSH file contains custom forms. In Photoshop, go to the menu Edit> Preset Manager (Edit> Set Management), select Custom shapes (Custom figures) in Preset type (Type of set). Click the button Load (Download) and select a file abstract-shapes.csh.

Step 5

Return to the PSD file surreal-effect-1. Select operation kaleidoscope and click Play (Playback).

Step 6

The operation will stop and a window will appear with the text Add a custom shape for the kaleidoscope mask effect! Resume Play!(Add a custom form for the kaleidoscope mask effect! Resume Playback!). Take the tool Custom Shape Tool (Freeform) (U) and in the list of shapes, select the shape diamond (diamond).

Step 7

Draw a shape on the layer add a custom shape mask, as shown in the picture below. Then restart the operation from the moment it was stopped.

Step 8

The operation will stop again with the text. DragandDroptheimagetorepositionit! ResumePlay! (Drag the image to change it! Resume Playback!). You can change the location of the layer to your liking.

Step 9

Go to menu Layer> Rasterize> AllLayers (Layer> Rasterize> All Layers).

Step 10

Now go to menu Image> Trim (Image> Trimming) and specify the following settings.

Step 11

Now resume the operation from the point where it stopped, and wait for the result.

Step 12

Select groups normalsize and smallsize and combine them by pressing the key combination (Ctrl + E). Name the resulting layer Kaleidoscpe Effect 1.

Step 13

Return to document surreal-portrait.psd, right click on the layer Portrait and select item Duplicate layer (Duplicate Layer) to New Document surreal-effect-2. Repeat steps 5-15. The only difference is that this time you will use the tool Ellipse tool (Ellipse) to highlight the mouth area.

Step 14

Turn off all groups and layers except the group. large size. Inside this group, keep only the layers visible. 41 copy, 31 copy and 2 copy.

Step 15

Merge group layers large size. Name the resulting layer Kaleidoscpe Effect 2.

Step 16

Return to main document surreal-portrait.psd. Right click on the layer portrait and select item Duplicate layer (Duplicate Layer) to New Document surreal-effect-3. Repeat with the eye. Use the tool Ellipse tool (Ellipse) (U). This time it is not necessary to rasterize the layers and use image cropping.

Step 17

Select groups largesize and normalsize and merge them by pressing (Ctrl + E). Name the resulting layer Kaleidoscpe Effect 3.

Step 18

Now copy all the layers KaleidoscpeEffect one, KaleidoscpeEffect 2 and KaleidoscpeEffect 3 in the document surrealportrait.psd. Arrange the layers as shown in the image below, replacing the human head with this new surreal abstract pattern. You can move, rotate, resize layers so that the image matches the proportions of your canvas.

Step 19

As a finishing touch, you can enhance the sharpness with a filter. HighPass (Colour contrast). To get a grunge effect, you can use Old paper texture. Set the blending mode Multiply (Multiplication) c Opacity (Opacity) 50% or less. Here is the final result of the lesson surreal kaleidoscope portrait in Photoshop.

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