Create a textured retro effect for photos.

Vintage style is becoming increasingly popular, and artists are increasingly experimenting with the effect of antiquity and the creation of damage. In this tutorial, we’ll work with channel mixing, blending modes and opacity to create a vintage texture on an image that looks grainy after printing.

Final result:


Step 1

Open the photo in Photoshop. Create an adjustment layer Channel Mixing (Channel Mixer) via the black and white circle icon at the bottom of the layers palette. Choose a red channel and adjust the colors for it like this:

Red (Red): 0
Green (Green): 100
Blue (Blue): 0

Step 2

In the same correction window, select the blue channel and set the same color values. The image should be monochrome.

Step 3

Lower Opacity (Opacity) adjustment layer up to 65%.

Step 4

Now we need a texture. I use the old canvas, stained. It will help to create a grain in the photo. Open the texture in Photoshop and discolor it (Image> Corrections> Discolor) (Image> Adjustments> Desaturate).

Step 5

Create an adjustment layer Gradient map (Gradient Map). Use a standard black and white gradient. Create multiple copies of this layer (Ctrl + J) to increase the contrast of the texture.

Step 6
Select all gradient adjustment layers and texture layer. Click Ctrl + E, to merge them into one layer. Tool Move (Move Tool) (V) transfer the texture to our first document. With the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl + T) Stretch the texture over the entire canvas.

Step 7

Install Opacity (Opacity) for a layer with a texture between 10% and 25%. I used 18% opacity.

Step 8

Experiment with blending modes and select the one you like. I used mode Lightening (Screen). It was most suitable for my texture, as it returned the skin brightness.

Final result:

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