Create an abstract female portrait in Photoshop


In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a beautiful abstract female portrait with a stone texture in Photoshop using abstract light effects. You will learn about the technique of creating beautiful abstract effects, including the technique of color correction.

This lesson is of medium difficulty, some steps may be difficult.

Note: This lesson is done in Photoshop CS6 – so some screenshots may differ slightly from previous versions of the program. Some brushes are only available in this version of Photoshop CS6.

OK. Let’s get started!

Final result

Source materials:

  1. Model
  2. Stone Texture
  3. Brushes Cracks
  4. Abstract Brushes
  5. Archive with materials for the lesson

Step 1

Create a new document with the following sizes 1440px * 820px, the background is black. Load the Stone texture in Photoshop, select the stone texture, as shown in the screenshot below:

Copy / paste the selected part of the texture into our working paper. Apply scaling by positioning the texture in the lower right corner of the working document, as shown in the screenshot below:

Add the following adjustment layers to the selected part of the stone texture:

Black-white(black and white)


Repeat the whole process, adding the same part of the stone texture to the bottom left corner of the working document. The result of the current lesson:

Step 2

Open the stock image of the model in Photoshop. Highlight the front area, and then copy / paste into our working paper:

Using the Crack brush that you downloaded, process the face area of ​​the model, as shown in the screenshot below:

Add the following adjustment layers to the model layer as a clipping mask:

Black-white(Black and White)

Levels (Levels)

Curves (Curves)

Result at the moment:

Step 3

Next, we will once again add the Stone texture on top of the model image. Repeat the process of adding texture, which is described in Step 1, but this time, we use a small section of stone texture. Add stone texture to the next image area:

Continue adding Stone texture, now to the next face of the model:

You can adjust the degree of opacity of the layers with the texture of the stone, thus adding depth to the image:

Step 4

Next, we will add abstract lines around the face of the model. Using the Particle brush, paint several particles on a separate new layer (I used the brush color orange):

To the particle layer, apply a filter. Motion blur (Motion blur filer):

Next, go Filter – Distortion – Twisting (Filter> Distort> Twirl). Apply the settings shown in the screenshot below:

Using a soft eraser, hide certain areas of the created effect. The result should be as in the screenshot below:

Repeat the whole process, adding more abstract lines to our image:

Step 5

Next, we’ll take the final touches to our image. I additionally added color effects using abstract brushes (you can achieve the same result using the original image on the theme of space).

Make a flattening of the image, and then duplicate the layer with the background. To duplicate a layer, apply a filter Reduce noise (Reduce Noise):

Translator’s Note: to merge, create a merged layer (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E), and then duplicate the merged layer. Next, apply the filter Reduce noise (Reduce Noise) to duplicate layer.

Next, we will make a color correction of the entire image. Add the following adjustment layers on top of all other layers:

Selective color correction (Selective color)

Brightness / Contrast (Brightness and Contrast)

We have completed the lesson! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. See you, have a nice day!

Final result

Author: James Qu

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