Create an illustration in retro style Pop Art

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

Today we will learn to create a retro effect.

We will need a photo of Keli Hazel.
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Step 1. Customize Pen Tool:
There are two types of lines with and without Imitation of pressure. Set the Brush size to 1px and make a straight line with the Pen. Then, right-click on the contour and select Stroke path (Run the outline of the contour). Select Brush, uncheck Simulate Press and you will have a line as shown in the image below (Without Simulate Pressure). Select Brush tool (B) (Brush Tool) and open the Brushes Palette. Click on item Shape dynamics (Dynamics of the form) and adjust as shown below, then close the palette when done. Set the brush size to 3px and draw a straight line. Pen . Right-click on the contour and select Stroke path (Outline the contour), check the box opposite Simulate pressure (Simulate pressure). You should succeed as shown below.

Step 2. Figure tracing:
Create a new document size 750? 550 pixels Drag the image with the girl to the new document, create a new layer on top and name it “Outline“. Using the technique from the first step, draw a contour using Pen. Set the size Brushes 1 pixel and circle the new contour without imitation of pressure. Draw contours for hair and other parts. Resize the Brush to 3px and stroke a stroke using the Push Simulator.

Step 3a. Color overlay:
Create a new layer under the “Outline” layer and name it “Skin“. For the base color, select # E6B292. Select a brush of a suitable size, for example 15-20 pixels, paint the skin as shown below.

Step 3b. Color overlay:
Create a new layer below “Skin” and name it “Hair“. Color choose # 795229 and paint the hair.

Step 3c. Color overlay:
Create a new layer again, name it “Shirt“, Colour # 9E5D18, paint a t-shirt.

Step 3d. Color overlay:
Create a new layer on top of “Shirt” and name it. “Face“. Color # 000000 (black) paint the eyes, eyebrows, ears and nose. Change the color to #FFFFFF (white) to circle the teeth and color # EC6060 circle the lips.

Step 4a – Adding a halftone effect:
Hide all layers except the girl’s image. Then discolor Image – Adjustments – Desaturate (Image – Correction – Discolor). Further Image – Adjustments – Threshold (Image – Correction – Isohelium), set the parameter to 80.

Step 4b. Adding a halftone effect:
Apply filter Filter – Pixelate – Color Halftone (Filter – Layout – Color Halftones), maximum radius 6, channels 1,2,3 and 4 set to 0. You will have a very interesting black and white halftone effect, as in the image below.

Step 4c. Adding a halftone effect:
Mark a layer with halftones at the very top in the layers palette and change the blending mode to Soft light (Soft light), opacity 50%. Bring visibility to all hidden layers.

Step 5a. Create a background:
Create a new layer below all the main ones and name it “Background“. For the primary color set # 662855, for background # 3B022D. Make a gradient across the screen.

Step 5b. Create a background:
Select Custom shape tool (U) (Arbitrary shape tool), from the list of shapes, select Registration Target 2 (Registration Target 2). Set color # 4953BD and draw a big bang as shown below. Transparency reduce to thirty%.

I added another semitone to the background to complete the design. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Here you can see the image in full size.

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