Create an illustration of a monster tree in Photoshop

In this lesson, the author talks about the process of creating one of his works. You will learn how from a single photo of a girl walking through the park, you can create a fantastic collage with a sorceress and a monster tree. To complete the lesson you will need an intermediate level of Photoshop.

Materials for the lesson:

Final result:

Step 1. Create a new document 800 by 1000 pixels.
Open the original image and cut out a piece of wood to create the horns of our monster.

Step 2. You will have a layer with the first monster horn.
Duplicate the layer, this new layer will become the second horn, apply the transform Edit>Transform>Warp (Edit-Transform-Warp), to get the shape of the second horn, slightly different from the first.

Step 3. Cut another part of the tree from the source to create a face with a texture.

Step 4. Take this small piece of wood and duplicate it twice.
Arrange these three layers to form a face, merge the layers.
Place the merged layer below the horns.

Step 5. Duplicate twice the layer you just received.
Arrange these three layers as shown below, merge them to finish with the base of the face.

Step 6. Again open the original image, cut another part of the tree to create another horn.

Step 7. Cut a small piece of wood from the source and shape it with jagged edges to create an eye.
Duplicate this layer, and you get a second eye.
Take a layer with the eye, duplicate it three times, arrange the layers so as to form a mouth, merge the layers.
Arrange the layers with eyes and mouth to form a face, as shown below, merge these layers.
Make the resulting layer darker (Image>Adjustment>Brightness / Contrast – Image-Correction-Brightness / Contrast, set the Brightness to -50).
Set the layer blending mode HardLight (Hard light).

Step 8. Cut another large part of the tree from the original image, we will make the monster’s arms and legs out of it.

Step 9. Apply a transform Edit>Transform>Warp (Edit-Transform-Warp), to give a curved shape to this piece of wood.
Duplicate the layer, you have two hands.

Step 10. Split the image with the second hand into two parts (select the desired half of this hand, press Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V). You will have two layers for this hand.
Take the second layer (lower part of the hand), turn it and merge it with the first layer, this will result in a hand bent at the elbow.

Step 11. Take a layer with the first hand and duplicate it.
Flip this new layer vertically (Edit>Transform>FlipVertical – Editing -Transformation-Flip Vertical), apply deformation again (Edit>Transform>Warp – Editing-Transforming-Warping), to form a leg.
Duplicate the resulting layer, flip horizontally. (Edit>Transform>FlipHorizontal – Editing -Transformation-Flip Horizontal), and you get two legs.

Step 12. Cut out the area from the left side of the original image to create a background. Put this layer in your work and blur it a little to give depth (Filter>Blur>GaussianBlur – Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur, set the blur radius to 4).

Step 13. Cut the area from the left side of the original image again to get a dirt floor.

Step 14. Cut the girl out of the original image.
Put a layer with a girl in your work.

Step 15. Create a long dress for our sorceress, to do this, cut out parts of her clothes from the source, pull out the missing areas using a filter Liquify(Plastic) or finish.

Step 16. Make the background darker (to do this, reduce the brightness and increase the contrast – Image>Adjustment>Brightness / Contrast – Image-Correction-Brightness / Contrast).
Cut out two small pieces of wood from the original image to create a magic staff from the sorceress.

Step 17. Take these two layers and form a magic staff (use warp if necessary).
Combine these two layers.
This way you will have a magic staff layer. Add brightness to it and add a yellow-orange shade.
Translator’s note. For this you can use Image>Adjustment>Brightness / Contrast(Image-Correction-Brightness / Contrast) and Image>Adjustment>Color Balance (Image-Correction-Color Balance).

Step 18. Our monster looks quite simple at the moment, now you need to cut out various small parts of trees from the original image and create such details as fingers, eyebrows, additional horns and thorns.

Step 19. Decide on the source of light – it will be a magic staff.
With the tool DodgeTool (Clarifier) Add lighting to all parts of the image, layer by layer.

Step 20. Now with the tool BurnTool (Dimmer) Add shadows to all parts of the image. Also layer by layer.

Step 21 Now it’s time to add the smallest details of the image, this step will take a lot of time, accuracy and patience.
Using the tablet, draw the hair all over the monster’s body (use the tool PencilTool (Pencil), size 1 pixel, opacity 100%, change color every time as needed).

Translator’s note. The desired color can be taken using the EyedropperTool tool (Eyedropper) from already created parts of the image. If you do not have a tablet, you can draw wool in different ways:
1. Use the Pen tool (PenTool) and, having created a contour, make a stroke with a hard brush with pressure imitation. Having drawn several hairs in this way, you can copy them and arrange them as needed.
2. Paint the wool with a regular brush, and then use the Finger tool (SmudgeTool) to draw out the tips of the hairs, you can erase the excess with a translucent Eraser (EraserTool).
3. To use special brushes in the form of strands of hair (wool) for drawing, each print of such a brush will need to be positioned appropriately.

Step 22 Now add the light from the magic staff.
Draw a white circle with the tool. PencilTool (Pencil).
Blur it by applying Filter>Blur> GaussianBlur (Filter-Blur-Blur according to Gauss), duplicate the layer.
Apply again Filter>Blur> GaussianBlur (Filter-Blur-Blur according to Gauss) to a new layer and duplicate it again.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 four times.
Merge all the layers created in this step and you will have a glow layer.
With the tool PencilTool (Pencil), By taking white color, you can draw small lightning bolts in the center of the magic staff.

Step 23 Finally, you need to add falling shadows from the sorceress and the monster tree branches (consider the directions of light). This work is over!
Thanks for attention.

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