Create an urban collage in Photoshop

This is what we will strive for today:

First, download the source:

Step 1. Create a new document of 800×1187 pixels with a black background. Load the image of the building, cut it out and paste it into our document. Change the size and position as in the screenshot below:

Now we need to slightly shade the edges of the building so that it is combined with our illustration. Download the selection of our building, click Ctrl+Alt+R. The Edge Refine window appears. Set the following parameters:

Apply these settings, invert the selection and clear the area. Now you have some “fading” edges:

Now take the tool Blur (BlurTool) with an intensity of about 30% and blur the areas indicated on the screen, as shown in the screenshot (with this action we shift the focus on the person from the top of the building)

Now add adjustment layers, using a layer with a building as a clipping mask.

Black White:


Layer Mask on Adjustment Layer Levels


This is what we have at the moment.

Step 2. Extra step: Add a light effect around the building. You can take a round soft brush and press several times in the places indicated on the screenshot below (make sure you adjust the brush size correctly):

We load a stock image of a person in a suit, cut it out, paste it into our document on top of all layers. Resize and position as shown below.

Now add adjustment layers, using a layer with a person as a clipping mask.

Black White


Layer Mask for the Levels Adjustment Layer (Note, I used an eraser to mask the edges of a person’s body – this will create a lighting effect on the edges, with the condition that there is a source of light in front of it).


This is what we have at the moment.

Step 3. Now let’s create a big planet in the night sky. Create a new layer below the building layer. Take Elliptical Marquee Tool (Ellipse) and draw a circle in the upper right corner of the document

Download brushes in Photoshop, select the specified brush from the set.

Use this brush to create a texture inside the selection.

Use soft eraser to correct the indicated areas on the screenshot below:

Create a new layer under the layer with the planet, use the same brushes to create a nebula texture on the sky:

Step 4. We have done most of the work. Concentrate on the details. I decided to create a rain effect. For this, I used the lesson this technique.

Translator’s Note: Photoshop-Master also has lessons for making rain.

Also create a layer under the layer with the person. Using soft brush with pressure and opacity of 20%, add the effect of lighting around the body

Add splash effects to shoulders and arms. To do this, take a special brush (about 30% pressure and opacity)

Draw on the shoulder. Remove excess spray with a soft eraser.

Step 5. Almost done. Merge all layers into one, duplicate. Go in Filter> Sharpen> Smart Sharpen (Filter – Sharpness – Smart Sharpen) for duplicate layer.

Naturally, we do not need the whole image to be sharp. Add a mask to the duplicated layer, focus only on some areas:

Alternatively, you can experiment with Unsharp Mask (Unsharp Mask) to create a comic effect:

Also added a new layer with color (blending mode Color Dodge (lightening basics)). Used Blue / Light Blue on the areas shown below:

Here is the final result:

Have a good day!

Author: psdvault

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