Create winter photo from ordinary photos in Photoshop

Final result:

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Open in flash photos of the girl, which you can take in the archive with the source code for the lesson

Now we need to separate the girl from the background. I prefer to use the tool Quick mask mode (Quick mask), but you certainly have your own preferences in the techniques and methods of cutting objects, so you can use any.

Step 2. Create a new document of 2500×3600 pixels. with a resolution of 300dpi. Move the girl we previously cleared from the background into it. It should look something like this:

Add a little bit of sharpness. To do this, copy the layer with the girl and apply the filter Filter – Other – High Pass (Filter – Other – Color contrast) with a radius of approx. 8 pixels

Step 3. In this step we will create the background. To do this, you need to download the archive with brushes of Branches in Winter branches. We draw with black brush branches of a tree on a new layer.

Note of translator: this set of brushes is paid, but you can download a sample for free by clicking on the button Free Sample or take in the archive.

Then I added clouds using Vintage Clouds textures.

Note of translator: these textures are also paid, but you can download a sample for free by clicking the Free Sample button or take in the archive. Or use your brushes or cloud textures.

You should have something like this:

Now you need to add a gradient from transparent to white to hide clear edges on layers with branches and clouds. To do this, use the new layer Gradient (Gradient) from transparent to white, we stretch it from top to bottom in such a way that the bottom of our picture is painted in white.

Step 4. In this step, we will add some elements to make our picture colder and more like winter. On a new layer, I add glare on the girl with a soft white brush. Do not overdo it, I only had two glare. It should be something like this.

Step 5. Now it’s time to add some snow. To do this, we take a soft brush with a size of about 60 pixels. Set the following parameters for our brush by pressing F5:

To draw snow, I created two layers. On one layer, I used a brush with a radius of 60 pixels, on the other – a brush with a smaller radius. I added a blur to the snow layer Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur according to Gauss), we select the settings so that this snow is out of focus, as it were.

Step 6. Create a new adjustment layer on top of all layers. BlackWhite (Black and white) to make the picture black and white.

It looks good, but I would like to add a slight shade. To do this, create a correction layer on top of all layers. Color Fill (Color), color # cceaf8.

Note translator: Apparently, the author changed the blending mode for the filled layer to Color (Color), the opacity of the layer is selected individually.

Now we need to add a bit of contrast to our picture. For this, I use a correction layer. Levels (Levels) with these settings:

Step 7. At this stage, I added a gradient from transparent to black so that the bottom of the picture is dark and the snow becomes more noticeable. To do this, create a new layer, place it below the layers with snow, but on top of the layer with the girl. We stretch the gradient at the bottom of the image so that it turns out as in the example:

I already like the result, but I still want to add a slight grunge effect to the image. To do this, I use a grunge texture, previously downloaded from the Internet. You can use any texture you have.

Note of translator: if you don’t have any grunge textures, you can download from the archive link.

To add a grunge effect, I invert the texture layer using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + I, change the blending mode for this layer to Screen (Lightening). It should look like this:

Note of translator: When applying a grunge texture, the blend mode and opacity of the layer should be selected by yourself; you may also not need to invert the texture layer. In some cases, pre-texture can be discolored using the key combination Ctrl+Shift+U.

Step 8. In this step we will add a little blur around the edges of the image to focus on the girl. To do this, create a new layer on top of all layers, hold down the key Alt and go to the menu Layer – Merge Visible (Layers – Merge visible) or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E. In this way, we get a merged layer.

Next, right-click on the merged layer, in the drop-down menu, select the option Convert to Smart Object (Convert to smart object). Apply filter Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) with a fairly large radius, as soon as you press OK, you will notice that the filter works as a layer mask. We take a large soft black brush and paint it in the center of our picture to show the girl, and the edges are blurred. Is it really beautiful?

Step 9. We are almost done. It remains to add torn edges. For this you need to download a set of brushes Grunge Borders. On the new layer, on top of all layers, draw a white brush.

Note of translator: This set of brushes is paid, but you can download a free sample by clicking Free Sample or take it in the archive.

Final result:

I hope you liked the lesson, and the techniques used in the lesson will be useful to you in the future. Good luck!

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