Creepy ghost

In this tutorial, we will revive the old house with the help of a creepy ghost and Photoshop.
Create a new document. 1920×1200. Then Layer> Layer Styles> Gradient Overlay (Layer> Layer Styles> Gradient Overlay). Use a radial gradient with a color transition from black to dark brown. Opacity is 100%.

Materials for the lesson:


In this step, the author used the image of the corridor. Change the layer’s overlay mode to Overlay(Overlap) and set the opacity to 90%.

Soft round brush draw the end of the corridor in black to make it look like in the picture below:

The author created the ghost in the program Cinema 4D. You can use the finished image with a ghost, which can be taken in the archive.

Tool Eraser tool (E) Eraser create 2 eyes in your ghost.

With the ghostly selected layer follow
Layer> Layer Style> ColorOverlay (Layer> Layer Style> Color Overlay).
Green colour # 87A261.
Overlay blending mode.
Opacity (Opacity) at 70%.
Filling opacity of layer opacity to 75%.

Duplicate the ghost layer Ctrl + Jand add layer style to it Outer glow (External glow)
Mode – Lightening,
Opacity – 100
Color (default) is yellow.
Size – 30.

Opacity of a layer – 20%, Fill of a layer – 0%.

In the next step, the author used a photo with a skull.

Select the image in any way convenient for you. Ctrl + C (copy). Now the image with the skull can be closed. Then do Ctrl + V (paste). The skull will appear as a new layer in your work. Resize Ctrl + T, and rotate it until you align the eye sockets of the skull with the eyes of the ghost.
After changing the blending mode to Color dodge (Brighten Basics) and lower the opacity of the layer to 35%. Tool Eraser (E) with a soft brush, delete some areas of the skull, as in the screenshot:

Create a new group of layers and name it Eyes. Put an overlay on this group Color dodge (Lightening the basics). Create a new layer in this group. Choose a very soft brush and white for the color. Draw the eyes. Thanks to the blend mode Lightening basics, You will get a very good flaming effect.

Create a new layer. Click Ctrl + D, to put black and white for the foreground and background colors and execute Filter> Render> Clouds (Filter> Reding> Clouds).
Change the blending mode to Color dodge (Lightening Basics).
Tool Eraser (E) You can erase some clouds in front of the Ghost.

The author added another image to create a horror style.

Just put the image in your document and with the tool. Eraser tool (Eraser) erase some areas so that the image matches the rest of the project, and change the layer’s overlay mode to Screen (Lightening). The idea is that this image will be barely noticeable, but it will add a good effect to the image.

Conclusion You can add another structure on top of all layers. He used blending mode Soft layer (Soft light), reduced layer opacity to 40%.

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