Dark Art Style

To repeat this lesson, you will need pictures. Download them you can HERE.

Open the picture with the landscape, click Ctrl + J, to make a duplicate layer. Change the blending mode to Soft light (Soft Light)

Select the girl from the background (Feather =0.5 px)

Move the girl to your first drawing, click Ctrl + B, to open the Color Balance window and set the settings as shown below:

Duplicate the layer with the girl, set the blending mode to Overlap (Overlay) and adjust
layer opacity 70%.
You should get this result:

Open the next pattern with clouds, use the lasso tool to make such a selection (Feather =20 px)

Move the selected part of the clouds to the working paper, use Ctrl + T (free transform) to resize and give a natural look, change the blending mode to Lightening (Screen)

Duplicate the cloud layer and apply a free transform (Ctrl + T) to reflect the copy of the layer and move it to the bottom of the document (the copy of the cloud layer should be at the very top in the layers palette)

Open the image with the moon, separate the moon from the background, shading 10 px:

Move the moon to the working paper and place it under the cloud layer. Press Ctrl + B to open the Color Balance and make the following settings:

You should get this result:

Select Ellipse Tool in contour mode and draw an oval, then right-click on the contour and perform a stroke (Stroke path): white brush, size = 1 px

Duplicate the stroke layer (about 5-6 times), place them like this:

Select and Merge all layers with ovals in one layer (Ctrl + E).

Go to menu Layer – Layer Style (Layer – Layer Style) and apply a style to this layer. External glow (Outer Glow)

Set the following settings:

Next, apply Filter> Blur> Radial Blur (Filter> Blur> Radial Blur):

Duplicate the oval layer again to make them brighter, then merge them again into one layer.

Overlay mode change to Hard light (Hard light), you should get this look:

Duplicate the layer, use Free Transform to rotate it in the same way as in the image below:

Add a few birds to the image:

Open the drawing with paper and drag it onto your document, change the overlay settings to Linear dimmer (Linear Burn):

Open the color balance on the paper layer (Ctrl + B) and make the settings as shown below:

And here is your final result:

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