Dramatic lighting effect

From this lesson, you will learn how to add an impressive dramatic lighting effect to a regular, not very interesting photo.

We will use these two photos.

We should get something like this.

Step 1. Apply to the photo of the castle Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects (Filter – Render – Lighting Effects) and adjust the source so that the light on the lock falls from the top right.

Step 2. Now select the sky with any selection tool. The author used Pen (Pen tool). With the sky highlighted, create a layer mask.

Step 3. Duplicate the layer by clicking CTRL + J, and discolor the duplicated layer using CTRL + SHIFT + U. Apply Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) with a radius 4 pixels. And change the blending mode to Overlap (Overlay).

Step 5. Let us turn to the photos of the evening sky with clouds. Put it below all layers.
Duplicate the layer, and change the blending mode to Linear Dodge (Linear Dodge).

Step 6. Again duplicate the layer and change the blending mode to Multiplication (Multiply).

Step 7. We make invisible layers with a lock. Go to the top layer with clouds and merge all layers into a new layer. CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E.
Bleach it CTRL + SHIFT + U, and change the blending mode to Overlap (Overlay) opacity around 50%.

Step 8. Create a new layer on top of the rest and fill it with black. Alt +Backspace. And make a large white dot with a soft brush large size.
The author advises to use Luce filter plugin, but you can do without it. To make it look like the beam passes through the clouds, set the blending mode Overlap (Overlay).
Here is an example of this layer with a black background.

Step 9. Now turn on the visibility of all layers, make a copy of the merged layers CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E on top of the rest (you need to be on the top layer).
Change the blending mode to Lightening (Screen) opacity within 50-70%.

Final touches. If you wish, you can further lighten and darken the image areas with tools. Clarifier(Dodge) and Dimmer (Burn). Also, the author recommends sharpening for better effect.

Here is our result.

From myself I add a screenshot with the image of a sequence of layers in order to facilitate the creation of this effect.

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