The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

Hello! In this lesson I want to tell you how to create a work similar to the poster for the movie “Twilight. Saga. New moon”

For work, I took two backgrounds of the forest and a photo of Keira Knightley.

Let’s start.
Perhaps you are lucky enough to find a better background of the forest, but I combined two pictures. On one of the soft photos brush # 1e2114 colors we sketch water, because it will shine through.

Paste one picture to another and change the blending mode to Multiply.

Drain two layers of wood.
Image – Correction – Levels. Make the image lighter by moving the white and gray sliders

Finish the tree brush black, Hardness 90%, Opacity 50%.

Insert the girl, after separating her from the background. I did this using the blending mode (overlay mode), the site has a ton of lessons on this topic.

Image – Correction – Levels. The girl should be darker

Image – Correction – Photo Filter, Colour #38260d

Create a new layer. Set the primary color # 7b6846, and background black.
Filter – Rendering – Clouds.

Blend Mode – Lighter.
Add a layer mask . Big soft brush black with 10% Opacity and 0% Hardness walk through the clouds, making them foggy. I left the fog down below.

Open the forest layer and add layer style – Color overlay. Colour # 846b4d.

Create a new layer under the girl and draw a black linear gradient

Add a month. (I used the ffffef color)
Create a new layer. Using Arbitrary shape draw a crescent moon.

Create a new layer under the month.
Soft brush the same color, with a diameter of just over a month, click a few times.

Layer Style – Exterior Glow

For the crescent layer, set Opacity to 60%. I added layer mask and slightly removed the light of the month from the trees.

Add an inscription in the style of Twilight. Perhaps you will find such a font, but I will make a similar one. I used the font Bookman Old Style, he is standard. Colour #f5cd7b.

Under the label layer create a New layer.
Open tool Line in Figures. Set a very small thickness, I took 1pix. Now along and across the label draw long lines. (Hold Shift so that they are straight).

Add a layer mask and either soft brush black or by Radial gradient From black to background, make the ends of the lines translucent.

For lines add layer style – External Glow, Colour # e44b07

Add a small curl, as in the letter “p” in the word “twilight.” Brush very small diameter draw a spiral.
(If you want to remove a part of a letter, rasterize the text using Lasso Highlight the unnecessary part and click Delete.)

Well that’s all! Done!

Lesson author: Potapova Irina

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