Earth is square!

Are you sure that the earth and the moon are round?

In Photoshop, they are very easy to turn into square!

Create a new document size 500×400 resolution = 72.
To make the Earth square, we need a picture at least round. You can take this:

And also the moon:

So, take a photo of the Earth and create a new layer under this layer. Paint it black.

Go to the “Earth” layer, take the eraser and erase parts of the planet as shown.

Create a new layer. Take a large soft brush with opacity five%, set the color to black and draw a shadow near the cube called Earth above and to the side. It turns out the effect of volume.

The light part of the cube should be even brighter. So take this brightening tool. and select the front of the cube.

Now take the image of the moon and place it on the working paper.

Do the same operations that you did with the Earth.

Also with a brush on a new layer, draw a shadow to the “Moon” cube.

All is ready! Can bear to show to the familiar cosmonaut :)

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