Edit individual hue ranges in Photoshop

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We offer you a video tutorial in which Maxim Kuchma will tell in detail all the features of a great way to edit individual saturation ranges of any shade you want.

For example, you want to reduce yellowing in the frame and for this you need to edit only weakly saturated yellow shades.

document.addEventListener(“jready”, function(){ setTimeout(()=>{ $(‘#bfa-65d7428ca40a9ca51de6d23e3c78609f’).twentytwenty(); },10); });

Or you want to change only highly saturated red shades in a portrait, but on separate objects, for example, on a dress, lips and a necklace. And weakly saturated red shades, which are present in the skin tone, need not be changed …

document.addEventListener(“jready”, function(){ setTimeout(()=>{ $(‘#bfa-7426f1823ce4b0e83366d427cacfe191’).twentytwenty(); },10); });

After learning this lesson, you can quickly cope with similar tasks. Moreover, a thematic Operation (action) specially written for him is attached to the lesson, which will help to carry out this processing faster and with hints.

  • Download archive with action
  • Download frames for training

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