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We hand over a wheelbarrow for pumping in Photoshop.
Open the photo with the car that we want to repaint in a different color.

Using the Polygonal Lasso tool , select those parts of the car, which must be repainted.

Next, create a new layer, and fill the selection with the color that you chose to paint the car.

Click Ctrl + D, to deselect.
It turned out that together with the main frame of the car, we painted the details on which there really should not be any paint, it is a windshield, headlights, etc.

Now we will correct this misunderstanding. We return to our first layer with the car, then with the help of the same Lasso we select the side windows, then press the key Shift and select the headlights and so on until you select all the details.

After you have selected all the details, select the paint layer and press the key Delete, thus we remove the paint from the selected parts.

Next, click Ctrl + click on the paint layer window in the layers palette. After receiving the selection go to the layer with the car and click Ctrl + Shift + U. Then click Ctrl + D, to deselect.
Now we just need to change the value of the parameter. Blending mode (layer blending mode) c Normal on Overlay (overlay)

To change the color to another, we need to Ctrl + click on the layer of paint and click Delete. Then select the color you want and fill the selection.

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