Eye color replacement

Want to change eye color? You are welcome!

The program Adobe Photoshop has a tool that was specifically designed to remove red eye.

So, if everyone in the photo looks like vampires, then you can confidently use the tool for a natural color change. (Color Replacement Tool), then everyone will quickly take on the human form.

Look closely at the toolbar, as the color substitute can be hidden behind others!

In this lesson we will learn how to use the tool already mentioned.

I propose to replace this girl with the eye color from hazel to green!

Select the pupil by any of the methods familiar to you.

For example using Elliptical Marquee Tool .
If the circle does not take the form of a pupil, then adjust the size using the command Select – Transform Selection.

If the form suits you – click Enter

Set the base color to the one you want to change the color of the eyes.

I took the color # 268C62

Install the tool and start painting over the pupil on the selected part.

After the first eye has painted over, you can not remove the selection, but press the M key (English) and drag the selection to the second eye.

Repeat the same steps, then deselect the selection with the keys. Ctrl + D

Here so the brown-eyed girl has changed!

For those who have versions of CS2 and higher …
When you made a round selection, create a new layer and fill the selection with the color you want, change the blending mode to Color. The same with the second eye.

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