Fade focus

In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you the magical disappearance of a person from a suit.

Here it is …

But he is already gone !!!

1 step

Open the photo of the person you are going to focus on.
Duplicate the photo.

If you have a solid background – you are very lucky, if not, do not worry, take the stamp tool and gloss over the head and neck.

Who does not know what a stamp is and how to work with it, see this lesson.

That’s what happened.

2 step

We restore the contour of the collar with Per

Turn contour into selection:

Create a new layer and fill the selection with any color or gradient.

With this action, we just kept the form of a collar.

3 step

Since there is no person in a suit, the inner side of the collar with the label should be clearly visible.

Find the right photo:

I didn’t search for anything, just took my husband’s shirt and took a picture of it at the angle I needed.

We transfer the workpiece to the working paper.

Reduce, rotate, erase the excess with an eraser.
For convenience, reduce the transparency of the layer with a collar.

Next, click Ctrl + T (free transformation), right click – Deformation (Wrap)

Customize the shape of the collar.

Enter (apply transformation)
We wipe the excess with an eraser.

Customize the color with the function Color / Saturation:

Step 4

Go to the sleeves.

We act in the same way, we erase the hand with the help of a stamp.

Here is a slice of the inner lining, we can use it to restore the entire inner part.

With the help of Lasso we select Ctrl + J (duplicate to a new layer)

Create several copies, place on the edge of the sleeve.

We merge all the pieces together and finalize the stamp.

Here is the result:

Step 5

On the left side of the inner pieces are not visible at all.
You can copy the same sleeve and place it on the left.

Here is such a trick with instant disappearance from Photoshop!

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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