Fairy Forest in Photoshop

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

My first fantastic landscape, so bear with me!
I wanted to create a fantastic lesson for a long time, but there were no ideas. Finally I ended up with this result. In fact, I don’t like the job, but I hope I can get good tips and suggestions for my future lessons. Will you help me?


Open the image of the girl. I used the tool Pen (Pen tool), to select it and move it to our document. The base of the background is dark, and the dress is very long, so we will not make a shadow under the girl. We will later add a few details to make it more realistic.

Create a new layer and using the tool Stamp (Clone tool), add volume to the hair, on the property bar in Sample set AllLayers .Now the hair looks more natural. How to use the tool Stamp (Clone tool), you can learn in my lessons by retouching or online.

Create New adjustment layer (New Adjustment Layer) Selective color correction (Selective Color) with the following settings:

Red (Reds): -70, -49, 64, 0
Yellow (Yellows): 14, 9, 44, 0
Green (Greens): 35, 21, 46, 0

This step should make the girl’s color more suitable for the general background.

Create two new layers, on the first create a selection with the tool Oval area (Elliptical Marquee tool):

Select Editing – perform a stroke (Edit-Stroke):

Select the second layer, click on the tool. Allotment (Marquee tool), then right-click on the selected area and select Form a work path (Make Work Path) with a tolerance of 0.5:

Take a brush of 6 pixels in size, with a hardness of 100% and set the following settings:

Take the tool Pen (Pen tool), circle our outline and right-click, select Outline the contour (Stroke Path):

Right-click again and select Delete contour (Delete Path):

Merge these two layers, add a layer mask and erase part of the circle to make it look like the image below:

Add the following styles:

Here is what we have now:

Open the image with butterflies. Select several different types, copy them and paste them into our file. The size of the butterflies and their number now do not matter, because we will edit them later.

Create a new layer and using the tool Line ( Line tool), draw several lines:

Choose a brush with a size of 2 pixels, a hardness of 100% and set the following settings:

Next, as in step 5, select Outline the contour (Stroke Path) and Delete contour (Delete Path):

This step was to create a curtain from the trees.
Create a new layer and using a soft brush with color 94a51e, paint over the dress. Change the blending mode to Soft light (Soft light) 100%.

Open the image of the fern. Change its size and then drag it to our document, placing it below the girl’s dress:

Click Ctrl + M, To reduce light and tone:

Open the image of the flower, cut it out and paste it into our file. Resize, move, duplicate several times, you can adjust some colors, distort, make a shadow (Overlay options (Blending Options) with default settings) to get this:

Create a new layer, take a soft brush and draw a few spots:

Change blending mode to Soft light (Soft light) 100%

Create a new layer again and, using glitter brushes, numbers 2170 or 2196 with a size of 90 pixels, add glitter to some parts:

By adding External glow (Outer Glow) with the default settings, we get:

Go back to the layers with butterflies, move them to different places and make a shadow from the butterfly, highlighted in the image below:

On a new layer, using brushes with sparkles, draw a little sparks:

Add a External glow (Outer Glow) with default settings:

Create a new layer. Using a 1266 650px brush set with rays, draw a beam as shown and lower it. Opacity (Opacity) up to 70%:

Via Perspectives (Perspective tool) convert the rays. Add a layer mask and erase sharp parts of the light rays. Move this layer under the layer with the girl.

Create a new layer using a soft white brush, paint a few spots on the model:

Change blending mode to Soft light (Soft light) 100%.

Add new adjustment layers with the following parameters:

Color balance (Color balance):
Mid tones (Midtones): 20, 13, -28
Shadows (Shadows): 0, 20, 0
Sveta (Highlights): 0, 0, -10

Selective color correction (Selective color):
Yellow (Yellows): -11, -18, 54, 9
Green (Greens): -26, 100, 100, 100
Black (Blacks): 5, 14, 69, 0

Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast):10/10

Create a new layer with overlay mode. Overlap (Overlay) and shading 50% gray (50% gray).

Use tools Clarifier (Dodge tool) and Dimmer (Burn tool) to lighten and darken some parts of the image. Place this layer below the adjustment layer with Color balance
(Color balance):

Add new adjustment layers with the following settings:
Selective color correction (Selective color):
Red (Reds): 72, – 49, 0, 0
Yellow (Yellows): 11, 25, – 24, 0
Green (Greens): 30, – 36, 0, 55
Purple (Magentas): 100, – 100, 0, 100

Color balance (Color balance):
Mid tones (Midtones): – 12, – 17, 19
Shadows (Shadows): 0, 12, – 8
Sveta (Highlights): 0, 0, – 6

Final result:

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