Fallen Angel in Photoshop

This lesson is more about retouching the body than the technique of manipulation, because I will show you how to smooth the skin, add hair curls, create makeup and, of course, how to achieve such a result, as in the final image. Enjoy the lesson.

Final result

Source materials:

Video tutorial

STEP one

This step will be very fast, because I want to pay more attention to more complex actions. If you do not know how to select objects in the image, then using the Google search command you can find a description of the selection of objects.

I created a new document 2800? 3200 px. Further, I opened the stock image of the Foreground (balcony with a bench) and with the help of a layer mask I hid the background in this image. Then, I opened the stock image of the Background (the sky with the landscape), copy / paste this image onto a new layer, placing this layer below the layer with a balcony and a bench.

Apply scaling if necessary according to the size of the document. You can use another image as a background image, but I was too lazy, so I used a ready-made image. To the background image, I applied Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) 4 px. See screenshot below.


I applied 3 adjustment layers as clipping masks to the foreground image. to match the blue background. Initially, I bleached the image with an adjustment layer. Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation), setting the value to -65, then, I darkened the image a bit using Curves (Curves) and finally I gave the image blue shades the same as the background with the help of a correction layer Colour (Solid Color), color # 21507f, blending mode Soft light (Soft light), layer opacity is 100%.


The most interesting begins with this step. Separate the girl from the background and move the selected image of the girl to our document, placing it on the bench, as shown in the screenshot below. So we need to smooth her skin. Here you have several options. You can use filter Blur on the surface (Surface Blur) and mask layer tool Finger(smudge tool) or Mix brush (Mixer Brush Tool).

I used the tool Mix brush (Mixer Brush Tool), because I really like how this tool works. This is practically a new tool, in early versions of the program this tool is not present, and as soon as I discovered it, I really liked it when using skin retouching. In the settings of this tool, I used the option Custom (Custom) and all parameters set to 12%, and then began to draw. This tool works almost like a tool. Finger (smudge tool), therefore, you must observe the lines and the direction of the shadows where you wouldn’t have to draw, otherwise you will have a mess, because you will spoil the structure of the female face and body.

You can work with this tool without losing image quality by creating a new layer as a clipping mask and selecting the option in the tool settings Sample of all layers(Sample All Layers). See screenshot 3 below before and after using this tool.

STEP four

Next, I applied adjustment layers as a clipping mask to the layer with the girl to change the contrast and color shades of the girl to match the background color shades. I used an adjustment layer Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation), setting the saturation value to – 27. To match the color shades, I used an adjustment layer Colour (Color Fill), as an obravochnaya mask with the following settings: color # 17496f, blending mode Soft light (Soft light), layer opacity is 100%.

STEP five

I decided to work a little on hair, because in fact I don’t like them. I found cool images with curls of hair painted, so I used them. There are several images on the Deezan website that you can download for free. To do this, go to the gallery and download them.

Place the curls of hair as you like, and then using the adjustment layer Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation), reduce Brightness (Lightness), and also give a bluish tint to the hair, apply Levels (Levels), Curves (Curves) to make the hair darker or any other adjustment layer, which one you like best, to make the hair black. When combining with original hair, use a layer mask and a soft brush. I placed some hair locks in front (in the frontal area of ​​the face), and hair locks are longer on the back of the head.


Once you are done with your hair, add wings. I found a large number of images made by the author Katie Down. In its gallery, you can find a huge number of stunning PNG wings that you can use. Do not forget to first familiarize yourself with the rules for using the resource.

You can merge images with wings or convert to a smart object, in this respect, you will have to apply the correction to only one layer, and not to two. Using a soft brush with low opacity, draw the shadows in the place where they connect on the back of the girl.


As well as with the correction with the girl, I carried out the correction of the wings. I used an adjustment layer Levels (Levels) to make the wings a bit darker and also apply a correction layer. Gradient map (Gradient Map), blending mode for this adjustment layer Soft light (Soft light), layer opacity 80%. Color shades for adjustment layer Gradient map (gradient map): # 183855 for shadows and # 558fcb for lighting.


Create the shadows of the girl on the ground. I used a soft brush with low opacity and pressure, both values ​​are about 14%.


The wings are almost folded around the female body, so I added shadows on her shoulders and arms. I drew these shadows on a new layer, which I used as a clipping mask for a layer with a girl. Using a soft black brush with low opacity, draw soft shadows.

STEP ten

I strengthened the girl’s makeup with a correction layer. Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) to enhance saturation. Further, I used the layer mask of this adjustment layer to make the effect appear above the eyes and lips. On the new layer, which I called “eyeshadow”, I painted the eyeshadow, the blending mode for this layer is set to Overlap (Overlay), opacity 50%.

STEP eleven

Separate the statue from the background, move the selected image of the statue to our document and make a small correction to match the background. I used Curves (Curves) for clarification, as well as an adjustment layer Colour (Color) to match the blue tint of the background.


The surface of the statue is too loose, which I do not like, so I spent a few minutes to clean the surface with the tool Spot Healing Brush(Spot Healing Brush). After that, I used the tool Mix brush (Mixer Brush Tool) also for smoothing. As I said earlier, this tool is probably a bit complicated to use, therefore, you can use the filter Blur on the surface (Surface Blur) to smooth the statue.


As usual, in my lessons on manipulation, there is a step dedicated to Lightening and dimming(dodge and burn). I used this technique to enhance shadows and highlights in certain areas of the image. As always, I used this tool without losing picture quality by creating a new layer and filling this layer with 50% gray, change the blending mode for this layer to Overlap (Overlay).

On the created layer, I applied lightening and darkening. In the screenshot below, you can see how I strengthened my lips, made my eyes more expressive. I also applied a clarification to the statue to highlight the shapes of the monster’s torso.


The final color and contrast effect was created using an adjustment layer. Photo Filter (Photo Filter), color shade # 029cff, Density (Density) 80% blending mode Soft light (Soft light) and opacity of a layer of 30%.

Final result

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