Fantastic decay effect

The author was inspired to create this effect by the film “Keepers”, an amazing movie with beautiful special effects. One effect particularly struck the attention of the author. It was the transformation of Dr. Manhattan. And he decided to create something inspired by that scene using Photoshop.

In this lesson you will learn how to create a decay effect using brushes and a blur filter. It’s really simple, and you will be able to create good projects using this kind of trendy effect style.

Step 1. Create a new document. For the size of the author used 1920×1200 pixels.
Fill the layer with a gradient, you can do it through Layer> LayerStyle> gradient overlay (Layer> Layer Style> Gradient Overlay). Use #fivebaonec6 and #foura565b for colors, 90º for corner and Linear for style.

Step 2. Create a new layer, press the key on the keyboard D, to set the default colors. Further Filter> Render> Clouds (Filter> Rendering> Clouds). Change layer blending mode to Screen (Lightening) and using the Eraser Tool (E) using a very soft brush, remove some areas on the cloud layer.

Step 3. Add a new layer and select the Gradient Tool. (G). Click on the color settings and select the Black and White programmed.
Gradient Type Noise (noise)Roughness (Stiffness) – 100%,

Tick ​​near RestrictedColors and AddTransparency (Restrict colors, Enable transparency). Fill the layer with a gradient and execute the command Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur).

Install Radius (Radius) 30 pixels. After that, change the layer blending mode to Color dodge (Lightening basics) and Opacity (Transparency) to 50% and then the Eraser Tool (E) Delete unwanted areas.

Step 4. Select the image on which you want to apply the effect. The author used this photo. In any convenient way for you to separate the guy from the background.

Step 5. Now you need to do so to make the image of the guy matched the background and the rest of the image. First go to Image> Adjustments> Brightness and Contrast (Image> Correction> Brightness / Contrast), change the Contrast to 100.
Then Image> Adjustments> Hue and Saturation (Image> Correction> Hue / Saturation) and reduce the Saturation to -55.
Further, Image> Adjustments> Photo Filter (Image> Correction> Photo Filter). The author used # 2489fb Colour. Change intensity (intensity) to 70%. This will give a nice bluish style to the image.

Step 6. Duplicate the guy layer and apply Filter> Blur> Radial Blur (Filter> Blur> Radial Blur) with these settings:
Amount (Degree) – 10,
BlurMethod – Zoom (Blur method – Linear)
Quality – Best (Quality – the best).

Step 7. To create a decay effect, you must use a regular brush. Press key F5 and use a brush with these settings:

Step 8. Create a new layer and Tool Brush (B) that you just created and start drawing decay. Use the skin color of the guy for the color of the brush, but for the effect of depth, set the color a few tones darker than his skin.
Thereafter Filter> Blur> Motion Blur (Filter> Blur> Motion Blur). The angle will depend on the direction of the particles.
Angle (Angle) 0º, Distance (Offset) 20 pixels.

Step 9. When drawing, do not forget to change the size and rotation of the brush, as well as the angle of the spot movement of the motion blur. The red arrows in the screenshot show the direction.

Step 10. Combine two layers with a guy. Layer>MergeLayers (Layer> Merge Layer). AND Layer>LayerMask>RevealAll (Layer>, Layer Mask> Open All). Select Brush Tool (B) and black for color. The brush that you created, start sketching those particles that should disintegrate, the figure below shows the numbers (1-4).

After that, blur with a filter, Filter> Blur> Radial Blur (Filter> Blur> Radial Blur). With these settings:
Amount (Degree) to 10,
BlurMethodZoom (Blur Method – Linear)
Best (best quality).

Step 11. Create a new layer, place it below the guy layer and draw the particles with the same technique as in step # 8.

Step 12. Now you need to add images with lightning. The author used the image you can find here.
Now the image must be discolored Image> Adjustments> desaturate (Image> Correction> Discolor).
The image will turn black and white.
Change the blending layer to Color dodge (Lightening Basics).
If lightnings seem light to you, adjust with Image> Adjustments> Levels (Image> Correction> Levels).
You can add a little Gaussian blur. Gaussian blur.

Step 13. Select all layers and duplicate them. Farther Layer> Merge Layers (Layer> Flatten). You will have one layer with the whole image, apply Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) with a value of 30 pixels for the radius. Change the layer’s overlay mode to Screen (Lightening) and transparency settings to 70%.

Create a layer on top of the others and fill it with black. Change the blending mode to Color dodge (Lightening the basics). With a soft white brush, draw, as indicated by numbers, between the body of the guy and the particles of decay.

So you learned how to make a decay effect. You can even work on the picture, add gradients, small parts, etc., but it depends on your imagination.

Author: abduzeedo

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