In this tutorial we will create a superhero.
A little imagination, patience and the presence of certain skills will allow you to achieve a similar result.

Important. Getting to the implementation of this lesson you need to learn one thing, all the settings listed below are accurate, provided that you use the clip art specified by the author. Using your own clipart, the settings will vary, more so with filters and blending modes.

Step 1. Create a new document (CTRL + N) 1920px x1200px Apply a layer style (unlock the layer by clicking on it 2 times with the LMB) Gradient overlay \ Gradient Overlay: blending mode: normal (Normal), opacity (opacity) 100% and style radial (Radial) scale (scale) 150%, color (color) #040302 and1b140b.

Step 2. Open the image (the author used the image from a paid resource), using the tool “Move (Move Tool (V)) transfer to our document. Choose the tool “Pen (Pen tool (P)) and create a contour to separate the object from the background. Click the right mouse button and from the context menu select the command “To form a selected area»(Make Selection).

Step 3. Copy the selection to a new layer (Ctrl+J), name the ‘model’, duplicate the ‘model’ layer, name the ‘model arm’ (turn off the visibility of the layer with the original image). On the arm model arm ’layer, restore the default colors (D), load the selection of this layer (Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail), add layer mask and tool “Brush (Brush Tool) with soft edges, remove the part of the hand (which will be lit).

Step 4. Duplicate the ‘model arm’ layer in the menu Filter \ Other \ Color Contrast (Filter \ Others \ High Pass), change the blending mode for the layer to “hard light(Hard Light).

Step 5. Now duplicate the ‘model’ layer, call it ‘model glow’, go to the menu Filter \ Stylization \ Edge Glow (Filter \ Stylize \ Glowing Edges), the author has the following settings: edge width (edge ​​width) 6, brightness of edges (edge ​​brightness) 7 and softening (softness)

Step 6. Staying on the ‘model glow’ layer, remove the rest of the body (add a layer mask), leaving only your hand, change the blending mode to “clarification“(Screen)

Step 7. Create a new layer, fill it with black (Alt+Backspace), call ‘model mask’, in the menu Filter \ Rendering \ Clouds with overlay (Filter \ Render \ DifferenceClouds). Follow the palette “Contours” (Paths) and click on the button “Load outline as selection“Back to the Layers palette and the menu Layer \ Mask Layer \ Show Selected Area (Layer \ Layer Mask \ Reveal Selection)

Step 8. Remove the rest of the body on the ‘model mask’ layer, leaving only the hand, and apply the layer style Color overlay\ Color Overlay: blending modelightening basics»(Linear Dodge), opacity (88%), color (color): orange. Change the blending mode for the layer to “Lightening basics»(Color Dodge).

Step 9. Create a new layer, name ‘smoke’, then Filter \ Rendering \ Clouds (Filter \ Render \ Clouds), change the blending mode for the layer to “lightening basics“(Color Dodge) and tool”Eraser (Eraser tool (E)) with soft edges, remove the main part of the layer, leaving the hand and the surrounding area (which will be lit).

Step 10. Further Layer \ New Fill Layer \ Color (Layer \ New Fill Layer \ Solid Color), click “ok”, color “orange”, apply the layer style Gradient overlay\ Gradient Overlay: mode “overlap“(Overlay), color: from orange to dark orange, style (style) radial (Radial), scale (scale) 100%. Lower the opacity for the layer

Step 11. Create a new adjustment layer “Gradient Map” (New Adjustment Layer – Gradient Map), blending mode for the soft light layer

Step 12. Add fire. Open the image with fire (the author used the image from a paid resource), copy the tongues of the flame and using transformation Editing \ Transforming \ Warp (Edit \ Transform \ Warp) position them on a blazing hand.

Step 13. Add a fireball, find a suitable image (the author used the image from a paid resource), change the blending mode to “clarification»(Screen). Next in the menu Image \ Correction \ Levels (Image \ Adjustments \ Levels), move the sliders so that the colors match the shades of fire on the arm. To finish the job you can add rays of light.

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