Fix the flaws in photos in photoshop

Arranging the planned photo session, every self-respecting girl wants to look perfect. And sometimes, looking at the received pictures with a picky look, we can notice that the clothes were wrinkled somewhere, makeup was smeared, and the dress, in general, was worth putting on another one.

What to do?

There are three options. The first is to sit and get frustrated further.

The second is to gain strength and patience, put the hair back on again, fix the makeup, pick up another dress, smooth it off (and not manage to burn it), and make a new series of shots.

And for those who want to save time and nerves, we offer a third option – to correct all the flaws in the photo using Photoshop.

And especially for you, Olga Pashkevich prepared a video lesson in which she will reveal the secret of how to make the photos look perfect using the frequency decomposition method.

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