Flute on the water

We offer you another fantastic Photoshop lesson called “Violinist on the water”

1. Create a new document of the size you need, here 600 * 480 px.

2. Select tool , using two shades of blue, stretch the gradient from top to bottom.

3. Take a photo of a girl. Cut the shape and place it on your working paper. Reduce if necessary.

4. To get rid of the edges that are visible after cutting and give an interesting luminous effect, let’s add an “Outer Glow” style to the layer with the girl.

Click the button at the bottom of the layers palette and select a style:

That’s how you get it:

5. Create a new layer. Press D to set the colors to black and white. Go to menu Filter >> Render >> Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds).

If necessary, apply this effect several times (Ctrl + F)

6. Reduce the opacity of the cloud layer to 50%.

7. Click Ctrl + T to transform, after right-clicking, select “Skew“(tilt). Pull the upper left corner of the cloud layer as shown in the picture:

Press “Enter” to apply the transformation.

8. Duplicate the cloud layer (Ctrl + J). Stand on the top layer and go to the menu Edit >> Transform >> Flip Horizontal (Editing – Transformation – Flip Horizontally).

9. Stand on a layer with a girl and drag it to the very top.

Use a soft brush to erase the edges of the overlay from one cloud layer to another.

10. Now find a photo with a pond, it is desirable that there are circles on the water surface.

Move this photo to the working paper so that the girl is in the middle of the circles.

11. Use the eraser to remove the lower part of the girl in order to create the effect that the girl actually sits in the water and circles in the water depart exactly from her.

12. Change the blending mode of the water layer to Luminosity (Glow)

13. Place a layer with clouds OVER layer of water. Take an eraser with a soft, large brush and remove the eye-catching edges so that only thick clouds are visible, no edges.

14. Let’s start creating luminous rings around the girl.
Create a new layer (this is important) and move it to the very top.
15. Using the oval selection tool draw an ellipse. Right click – select the command “stroke“(perform a stroke). Apply these settings:

16. Click Ctrl + T, then right-click – select the command Prospective (Perspective). Try to deform the ring in such a way that it kind of surrounds the girl (see picture)

17. With a large soft brush eraser, remove the “farthest” part of the ring behind the girl’s head:

18. Then click at the bottom of the layers palette and select the style “External Glow” with the following settings:

19. Duplicate the layer with the ring several times and transform each in its own way so that they randomly spin around our heroine.

20. Do not forget to erase the “back” part of the ring, and leave the “front” part visible. Here’s what your picture will look like:

21. Flatten the Layer.
22. Go to menu Image >> Adjustments >> Levels (Image – Correction – Levels) and apply the following settings to give the work a comprehensive bluish tint:

We work with the red channel.

We work with the blue channel.

23. Duplicate the layer.
24. Stand on the top layer (the background color should be white), go to the menu Filter >> Distort >> Diffuse Glow (Filter – Distortion – Ambient Light) and apply such settings.

25. Reduce the opacity of the “glowing layer” to 20% (depends on your image).
26. Merge the layers into one.

27. Create a new layer. Find brushes with stars in your collection and randomly scatter them around glowing circles.

28. Go to the main layer with the girl, then apply the Filter: Render >> Lightening effect (Rendering – Lighting Effects).

Set the look of the light – light bulb. Apply the filter twice.

29. Go back to the star layer. Apply the filter “External glow”, set the color whiteffffff.

30. Duplicate the star layer.
31. Go to menu Filter >> Blur >> Radial Blur (Filter – Blur – Radial Blur) and apply these settings:

You can reduce the transparency of the layer with circles, if you think that they are too bright.

And so we finished! Your work of Photoshop art is done!

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