Focus and zoom in

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to focus on individual parts of a photo in order to give a depth effect.

Open your image in Photoshop. Next, go to the layers palette and select the tab there channels/ Channels (at the top)

At the bottom of this palette, you will see a small square icon called “create new channel” – click on it.

A new channel will be added – Alpha 1.
Everything will turn black. You go to the visible channel – Rgb

Our image is covered with red tape. So it should be. The red layer is a new channel that acts as a defense.

To apply the blur effect of a part of the image, we need to remove half of the Alpha channel. Add a gradient.

Select the gradient tool (black to white) and draw a gradient as shown below.

The gradient should start with the focus object and end at the edge of the image.

It turns out like this:

In the next step, we will add a filter. Lens blur original layer with a photo.

A) First you need to turn off the eye in front of Alpha channel. Select the RGB channel. Then go to the layers palette and select the original layer.

B) Next in the menu Filter – Blur – Lens Bur / Filter – Blur – Blur at shallow depth of field

In this box, select “alpha 1” as the source.

You can play with the radius settings until you achieve the desired effect.

Note: if instead of a photo you see a black and white gradient, it means that you did not select the original layer or you did not hide your eyes opposite the Alpha channel. If this happens, then click cancel and repeat again.

Here is the result !!!

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