Now you will see what wonderful changes are happening with a dull gray photo, if you edit it with Curves.

To make your image more saturated and clear you need to apply the formula “S”.

What it is?

To get started, open the Curves panel, go to the menu Image> Adjustments> Curves (Image – Correction – Curves).

By the way, if you do not want to change the main image, you can create a new adjustment layer (new adjustment layer) “Curves”

The Curves window is in front of you, but for now the line there is an even diagonal.
The main secret is that this line needs to be shaped as an S letter.

Raising the line up in the upper right corner, you brighten the light areas even more. If you lower the line below in the lower left corner, then dark areas in the photo are darkened.

Do the same as shown in the picture, you should have the letter S.

And now look at the photo, there is a feeling that it was covered with a wet rag and erased perennial dust.

Like after a rain!

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