Fresh fruit

If you do not have enough freshness and positive emotions – take this Photoshop lesson!

Create a new document size 1280×1024, resolution = 300

Take the gradient tool
Set the radial gradient and colors as shown below:

Spend a gradient a little way back from the top – down. It turned out we have an underwater view.

Create a new layer and fill it. In this color:003366

Next, apply the “cloud” filter.
Filter> Render> Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds)

Change layer blending mode to Color dodge (Lightening basics)

This is what you should do:

Now take a look at the bottom line of the layers palette and click on the icon “add layer mask” there:

Click on the window with the mask that appears:

Take the gradient tool again, set the linear gradient from black to white. Swipe it down.
It turned out that the upper part of the layer with the “cloud” filter became transparent.

In the next step, you need to find on the Internet a similar picture of an underwater landscape.

Take the eraser and remove all unnecessary parts of the picture, leave only the surface of the water.

Move this image to the working document and place it at the top.

Then take the brush tool , Colour #669999 , transparency ten%. Also, look at the size and softness options you need:

Now try to draw the same water whirl as in the picture:

Create a new layer, take the Pencil tool to draw several swirl lines. The color is the same.

Next, apply the filter: Filter> Blur> Motion blur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion), make the following settings:

Here is a water funnel should you get:

Find pictures of various fruits. If you are lucky enough to find pictures with a white background, then use the magic wand , to remove the background. If not, the eraser will come to your rescue.

When you cleaned the fruit from the background husk, transfer them to the working paper. Place randomly.

Copy the layers with some fruits and apply copies to this filter: Filter> Blur> Motion blur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion).

Attention! The direction of the blur should correspond to the location of the fruit itself.

The upper part of the blur should be removed with an eraser, because the fruits come up from the bottom up and do not fluctuate in place.

Create another layer, take a brush with color #669999 and draw the air bubbles that accompany the fruit.

Do not forget to change the size of the brush (bubbles are different)

And that’s what you have now:

You can add the word FRESH (freshness), just try to adhere to the following parameters:

Set the blending mode to the text layer to Soft Light.


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