From young to old

Most of the lessons I’ve come across are designed to visually rejuvenate a person. And if you want the opposite, someone to age?

Having worked with this lesson, you can easily cope with this task. I draw your attention, the lesson is designed for users who know the basics of Photoshop, so there is no explanation here, such as inserting one photo into another.

1. We begin by opening a photo of a young man, on whom we are going to conduct experiments.

2. Open a photo of an elderly person and insert it into a photo with a young

3. Create a rectangular selection. Click delete to remove one part of the photo of an elderly person. Place so that it is proportionate to the young person.

4. Click on the icon at the bottom of the layers palette to add a mask layer.

5. Choose a brush. Starting with black, leaving only wrinkles.

6. Change the layer blending mode to Hard light (Hard light).

7. Press Ctrl + U to open the Hue / Saturation window.

We set the following settings:

Color tone +15
Saturation -38
Brightness 0


8. Using the Lasso tool, select the hair falling on the forehead.

9. Press Ctrl + Alt + D, calling the dialog box for feathering the borders of the selection. Set the radius = 10

10. Hold Ctrl + J to duplicate our selection on a new layer.

Press Ctrl + M to open the Curves window.
The settings are set as shown:

11. Using the Eraser, remove the white spots on the skin.

12. This is how creepy monster we have

13. It remains only to repeat all the same for the second part of the face.
And we get:

Have a good job!

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