Funny prank



A few days ago I found a computer photo on the Internet. This photo is great for this lesson – no one’s rights will be violated. Using this technique, you get very funny results.

Open any photo in Adobe Photoshop:

Let’s go to the magic tool. Filter – Plastic or click Shift + Ctrl + X.
This filter has its own menu and many settings. In the left menu of this filter find the tool Bloat (Bloating):

This tool enlarges objects. In the right menu, set the parameters:
brush size – 97,
brush density – 50,
pressing the brush is 100 and
the speed of the brush is 80.
This is for my photo, you may have it different from mine.

And we do each eye more (do not get carried away, otherwise you will be scared:

Do the same with the nose and lips:

Now try the tool Pucker (Shrinkage):

He has the opposite effect – makes objects smaller. Reduce, for example, lips:

Now take the magic Forward warp tool (Deformation):

This is the movement of parts of objects. Move the chin up a bit:

I decided to make this guy a massive jaw:

and reduce his head a little more:

It turns out a kind of ancient man who does not think and eats a lot:

Can he smile? Of course!

Guess which tool to use to make his ears big. Of course, the tool Bloating:

Click “Yes”, and the normal Adobe Photoshop menu is returned. If the background is damaged by our transformation, take the tool Pipette and select the background color:

Then use the Brush tool to paint over the damaged areas of the background. And here is the final result:

Good luck!

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