Gentle colors of love

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

In this lesson you will learn how to emphasize the romance of your photos.

The author in this lesson used this photo:

Open the photo in Photoshop, click Ctrl+B, to open ColorBalance (Color balance), setting the following color values:

This is what should happen:

Create a new layer (press Shift + Ctrl + N), set in the layers window (F7) Blendmode (overlay mode): Screen (clarification).

Choose a tool Brush (Brush) by setting these characteristics:

Smear a few colors in the picture (photo). The author of the lesson, for example, used such colors as – blue, green, pink, red – opacity (76%).

Here is the result:

Create another new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N), select a brush as shown below:

Work with a brush to your taste (preferably white). It should be something like this:

Choose a tool Customshape(Arbitrary figure) – the “heart” figure.

Draw a heart, then click Ctrl+cry on the Layers palette on the miniature of the heart layer.

Select the bottom layer and click Ctrl+J – duplicate a layer or copy the selected area to a new layer – 2 times.

Move the layer from 2 heart to the top. (Just drag it with the mouse).

Select the bottom layer from these 2 duplicates and apply as shown: FilterBlurGaussianBlur (Filter-blur-blur according to Gauss).

Play with the settings

Save and click Ctrl+J, to duplicate this layer:

Next you need to go to the menu LayerLayerStyle (Layer – Layer Style) and Select Style OuterGlow (External glow) and set the settings as shown.

transparency (Opacity) put 24%

This is what should happen:

Now choose the tool eraser(Eraser), set these settings and blur the border of the heart. It is necessary to wipe that inside the heart, except for the faces, otherwise they will blur.

This is what you should end up with:

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