Glamor effect

Adobe Photoshop tools with skillful use allow you to give a photo a glamorous effect. Watch and repeat!

This glamor effect is suitable for any photo, but best of all it will look surrounded by bright decorations.

Select a photo:

To add a glamor effect, we first need to duplicate the layer
Click Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer
Then click Shift + Ctrl + U to discolor the image

And add a layer mask by clicking on the corresponding icon at the bottom of the palette. Layers(Layers)

Then refer to the menu Image – Apply Image(Image – External channel) do as shown in the picture:

On the active layer mask, refer to Filter – Stylize – Find edges (Filter – Stylization – Selection of edges)
This filter will circle the edges in the image.
After that, the picture will look like this:

Now click on the mask layer and add Gaussian Blur filter
(Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur/ Filter Blur – Gaussian Blur)

Click OK.
Now your photo has taken a glamorous look.

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