Glasses reflection replacement

In this lesson we will learn how to replace the reflection on the glasses.
Let’s take the appropriate picture.

Increase photo size to 100%.
Now we need to separate the lenses.
Take instument Pen tool and carefully circle the lenses back 2 mm. As you can see here I had to trace the fur that hung over the glasses.

Do the same with the second part of the glasses.
When you’re done, you should have something like this:

Now right-click on the path and select the command
Make selection

In the window that appears, do not change anything and click OK

The path that you define should then become a dotted selection.

We need this allotment later, but for now it’s worth saving
Select – Save Selection

In the window that appears, name the selection “Lenses” and click OK

Now we need to get an image that will be reflected in the glasses. The author chose this picture.

Drag this picture into a document with glasses and attach to it using free transformation. Ctrl + T suitable size

After transformation click Enter and remove the selection, otherwise you will not be able to adjust the size of the picture.

Now drag the image to its future placement and load the saved selection.
Click Select – Load Selection – OK

A selection should appear on top of the picture with the beach.

Make sure you are on the beach layer.
Now you need to remove the image that is outside the lens.
Why click Select – Inverse

After this operation, click Delete
Only lenses will remain selected.

Is the selection left? If not, resume it by clicking on the lens layer and holding the key Ctrl. Now make a copy of the selection. Ctrl + J, Place this copy under the color lenses and fill with black.

Now go to the black lens layer and do the following. Layer> Add Layer Mask> Reveal All.
Load the selection again, as you did earlier, select the gradient (Linear Gradient) from white to black and set its transparency to 50% then draw a gradient from bottom to top inside one of the lenses.

The lens before being filled with black is now colored in a gradient.
The author also reduced the transparency of the layer with color lenses to 86%

And here is the result.

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