Global clarification

This lesson will show you how to fix the lighting in the photo in just 5 seconds.

Look at the photo below. Do you see anything on it?
Almost nothing, right?

So let’s try to change something …

Go to menu Image> Adjustment> Brightness Contrast.
(Image – Correction – Brightness and Contrast

Now you need to move the sliders of both parameters to the right to +30 – +35, no longer needed, as this will make the photo too bright.

So we got the result:

Not bad at all, but it can be even better! The left side is still dark.

Return to the original photo and go to the menu. Image-> Adjustment-> Shadow / Highlight (Image – Correction – Light / Shadows)

Move the slider Shadows (Shadows) to 100% – This action will immediately highlight your photo.

Here is the result! Very fast and great!

See you at www.!

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