Golden sunset

Hello, today I want to show you a lesson that will help create the effect of a golden sunset on a photo …

First, look at the original photo:

And now the masterpiece itself:

Step 1. To get started, open your image and copy it 3 times:

Change the blending modes:
“Background copy” – Overlay (overlap)
“Background copy 2” – Hard light (hard light)
“Background copy 3” – Color (color)

You should have something like this:

Step 2. Duplicate the “Background” layer and place it on top of all other layers. Then apply a filter to it. Filter– BlurSurface blur (Filter-Blur-Blur over the surface) with the following parameters:

Change the blending mode of this layer to “Screen” (clarification)

Step 3. Now we need to separate the sky from the rest of the image in order to work with it, without affecting the rest. To do this, hide all previous layers and go to the layer called “Background”. To do this, select the tool PenTool (Pen) and select the sky, as shown in the figure (highlighting the sky, right-click on the contour and select “make a selection”):

Copy the selected area to a new layer (Ctrl + J) and for convenience call it “Sky” and place it above all other layers. Now we need to apply an adjustment to this layer “Channel Mixing»(Channel Mixer). For this we go ImageAdjustmentChannel mixer (Image – correction – Mixing channels) with the following settings:

It turns out like this:

Step 4. Duplicate the “Sky” layer and apply a filter to it Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur). To do this, go to FilterBlurGaussianBlur (Filter-Blur-Blur according to Gauss)

Change the blending mode of this layer to “overlay“(Overlap).

Duplicate the “color” layer and place it above all layers. Then we clamp Ctrl and click on the layer icon in the layers palette to load the selection. Fill it with the color shown below:

Change layer blending mode to “color“(Color).

Step 5. Now we will add flowers to the grass and the whole landscape. To do this, create “Gradient map(Gradient map). Go to LayerNewAdjustment Layer – GradientMap (Layer-New Adjustment Layer-Gradient Map) and place it on top of all layers.

And with these settings

Change the blending mode of this layer to “SoftLight” (soft light) and opacity do 80%.

Step 6. At will it is possible to take eraser with 0% hardness and erase space on the “Sky” layer

That’s all! Here are 2 options from the author of the lesson

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