Golden towers

This lesson will show you how to turn ordinary towers into gold ones.

Create a new document and fill it with black (# 000000).

Use Filter-> Noise -> Add noise (Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise) To make stars, set Amount = 14%, Check the box next to the Gaussian and Monochrome options.

Log in Image -> Brightness / Contrast (Image -> Brightness / Contrast) and set the parameters as in the figure below:

Open the picture of the tower (in this case, the Leaning).

Separate the tower from the background using the eraser.

Now we will turn an ordinary tower into a gold one. Click Ctrl + B and set the following parameters in the opened window:

Click Ctrl + L, to open the levels. Set the parameters:

If done correctly, the result will look like this:

Do the same with the other two towers:

Rotate the towers a little, using Ctrl + T, place on the canvas something like this:

For the decoration we need brushes, download them here. Create a new layer and put it under the layer with the towers. Use these brushes:

It turns out like this:

Add a ribbon to hide the ugly bottom of the towers. You can also add some other details that will make your work more beautiful.
Here is the final result:

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