Gradient transformation

Super Photoshop trick for photos! We transform the image by gradient from the present into the one drawn in pencil.

Step 1

Open the image to which you want to apply the effect.
Press key D so that your colors in the palette are set to black and white.

Step 2

Duplicate the layer and apply the filter to the copied layer.
Filter> Artistic> Colored Pencil (Filter – Imitation – Colored Pencils)

And then change the blending mode to soft light (soft light);

It should turn out like this:

Step 3

Now take the lasso tool and highlight the top of the image slightly diagonally (or as you like)

In the place of the photo selection will smoothly go into the picture.

Step 4

Go to menu Select> Feather (selection – feathering) and set the value there to 20 px; click delete button

Now you can enjoy the result …

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