Grandmaster in Photoshop

Final image

Materials for the lesson:

Before starting the lesson, download the archive, then create a new document sized 1600x2000px, Resolution (Resolution) 300dpi, in the RGB 8bits color scheme.

Fill the layer with a gradient. To do this, go to the menu. Layer-> NewFillLayer-> Gradient (Layer -> New Fill Layer-> Gradient) and specify the following settings: Style (Style) Linear, Angle (Angle) 49.4, Scale(Scale) 77%, checkbox Alignwithlayer (Align by layer)


Paste the following image into your working document.

Using tool Quick selection tool (W) (Quick selection) highlight and delete the sky.

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), take the cloud brushes and draw the clouds as shown below.

Open the next grass image using Lasso Tool (L) (Lasso) withFeather (Feather) 30px scroll and cut a piece of grass

Place the obtained piece of grass as shown below, duplicate it if necessary (Ctrl + J)

Now open the image with chess and cut them by going to the menu Select-> Color Range (Select -> Color Range) and pipette over a white background.

Then delete the background by pressing Delete (Delete) or just a tool Eraser (E)(Eraser)

To begin with, drag a pawn image to the working document

Next, insert the image of the crown and, correcting the size (Ctrl + T), put it on the pawn.

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and draw two shadows one for the crown and the other for the pawn itself. Or you can take the tool Burn tool (Dimmer) and using it to set off the crown and pawn.

Now drag the king and queen figures and position them as shown below.

Apply a filter to each of them. Gaussian blur (Blur according to Gauss) 1,7px, for this, go to the menu Filter-> Blur-> GaussianBlur(Filter-> Blur-> Gaussian Blur).

Lower Opacity (Opacity) layer of the king to 88%, and the queen to 77%

Create a new layer, select the fog brush and apply it as shown in the image below to get a hint of something mystical.

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) using Paint bucket tool (G)(Fill), fill it with black and go to the menu Filter-> Render-> Lens Flare (Filter -> Rendering -> Glare).

Change the blending mode for this layer to Screen (Screen).

On the new layer, draw the silhouettes of birds with the new brushes “birds” from the archive.

Next, create a new adjustment layer. Gradient map (Gradient map) through the menu Layer-> NewAdjustmentLayer-> GradientMap (Layer -> New Adjustment Layer-> Gradient Map), lower it Opacity (Opacity) up to 63%.

Finally add a correction layer. ColorBalance (Color balance) and customize Shadow (Shadows) as below

And now, our result!

This author’s lesson is inspired by an image.Rupinder singh.

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