Guest from space

In this lesson we will create a wonderful space collage.

Open the original photo:

1. Color correction.

First of all we will make her lips of a pleasant scarlet color.

Take and highlight her lips. Now click Ctrl + Alt + D – A window will appear where you can set the radius of feathering.

You can put your value here 20 px.

Go to menu Image -> adjustment-> variation (Image – Correction – Options)

Select the option there Midtones (Mid Tones)
Slider move closer to the parameter Fine (Right).

Below you will see 6 windows: yellow, red, blue, magenta, green, cyan.

Click once on red (red) and on yellow (yellow). OK.

The result is something like this:

You can lighten your eyes first. , and then add brightness to them using the Sponge tool – it is under the same button as the brightener.

2. Select all of her skin, only her skin. This will be the easiest to do with a quick mask. It is not necessary to do everything carefully and carefully.

Click again Ctrl + Alt + D and set the feather radius to 50

Click Ctrl + M (Image – Adjustment – Curves) and give the curve the same look:

3. Now select only the background (soap bubbles do not belong to the background):
Feather = 100

Click Ctrl + U (Image – Adjustment – Color / saturation) make the same settings:

4. Create a new layer. Set this layer to blending mode to Overlay.

Download brushes. You can download them here.

Install kit Artflower_Strudel. There you will find a brush in the form of a whirlwind.

Try drawing something like this. Use brushes of black and white colors.

You can hide the selection so that it does not bother you – click Ctrl + H

Using a soft eraser, remove the parts of the background that hit the girl.

5. Take the usual soft white brush, set the transparency to 50% and work on the folds of the dress to make them lighter and brighter.

Load a brush into Photoshop Insomniac-Star_sparkles_coll.

Use these tassels to add shine and radiance to the dress. You can also add a pearl necklace.

6. Create a new layer and change the blending mode to soft light (soft light).

Find these brushes:

Set transparency to 50% and color # 2FA9B4.

Return the selection – Ctrl + H and paint the background a little with these brushes.

7. Create a new layer: select any star brush you like to add a cosmic effect to our background.

Remember that the balls should not be stars, remove them with an eraser.

8. Duplicate layer 1 (on which the brush is in the form of a vortex). Change the blending mode to Soft light (Soft light) transparency 50% .

And that’s what we got as a result!

See you at www.!

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