Hair color change

In this lesson we will learn how to change hair color using Photoshop tools.
Suppose you decide to dye your hair, but find it difficult to choose a paint color.
With this lesson, you can determine exactly which hair color is best for your face.

Open your photo where the hair is best seen.
I took a photo of a blonde girl.

Convert the background image to a layer.
Layer – New – Layer From Background

Let’s switch to quick mask mode (Edit Quick Mask Mode) to highlight hair.

Choose the Brush tool , set the value to be convenient for highlighting hair, I chose to start 40 px. As you paint, the brush size can be changed by pressing the square brackets on the keyboard. Left – decrease. Right – increase.

Set the mask transparency to 100%

Set the primary colors in the following position.

Remember that black color draws a mask, white color erases it.
During the painting, you can use the quick keys to change colors D (basic black) X (color change).

We start to paint the hair with a brush in the quick mask mode.

The areas where the hair touches the skin should be painted with a mask of less transparency, so that the color transition is more natural.

Go to normal mode
As you can see, the hair and frame of the image have become highlighted.

In order to concentrate the selection only on the hair, we indent the selection Select – Inverse

Now only hair remains highlighted.
Our next step is to move the selected area to a new layer. To do this, click Ctrl + J.

The selection on the main picture has disappeared, but we know that there is a transparent glass with a copy of hair on top.
Let’s get to the fun part – replacing color.
What color do you think would suit her? Redhead? Ashen?

So, go on to the next path. Image – Adjustments – Hue / Saturation or simply Ctrl + U
Put a tick next to Colorize. And we start to play with sliders, choosing the best color.

If you put such settings

That girl will become like this:

If so, then …

Or maybe it’s better?

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