Halloween – Smiling Zombies

You remember that the terrible and terrible holiday “Halloween” will take place soon on October 31!

You need to prepare for it in advance, so I suggest you a series of lessons on drawing all kinds of horror stories.

The first Photoshop lesson is dedicated to drawing Smiling Zombies!
In fact, everything here depends on the photo, if a person is crying on it, then the zombie will then cry :)

So, let’s begin!
Please faint of heart from the computer!

1. Find a photo of a friend you want to turn into a zombie.

2. Highlight all exposed skin of this person. The most convenient way is a quick mask.

3. Click CTRL + U, move the sliders there so as to give her skin a light gray-greenish tint.

4. Take tool dimmer select some uneven brush and draw dark circles under the eyes.

5. Highlight the eyes and make them fiery red.

6. Highlight the lips and give them a ghastly pale.

7. Zombie teeth do not usually brush, so give them a yellowish patina.

8. Create a new layer. Draw a few yellow streaks on the hair.

9. Apply a little Blur filter. Set the blending mode to lighten (Replace with light) and lower the opacity to 50%;

The beauty turned out to be described neither in a fairy tale nor by a pen.

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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