Heat the nose in Photoshop!

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will adjust the wedding photo, remove defects on the face of the bride and groom.

I sincerely sympathize with those whose wedding took place during the cold season. Most likely, the faces in the photos turned out to be slightly frozen: with red noses, spots on the cheeks, etc.

Now with the help of Photoshop we will try to fix it all.

Look at this photo:

Here it is clearly visible that the bride’s nose is red, and that of the groom is white.
In addition, from repeated kisses the bride smeared lipstick.

Proceed to eliminate the redness of the nose.

1. Duplicate the layer with the photo and then work on the copy.

2. Take the Lasso Tool , set the parameter Feather (Feathering) on 5 px and circle the red part of the nose. Like this:

Press the key combination Ctrl + J and the spout will be copied onto a separate layer.
Standing on a new layer call the Color / saturation palette – Ctrl + U and set such settings (although in your case the values ​​may be different):

The bride’s nose has thawed out, now we warm the groom’s nose in the same way.

Next, go to the lips of the bride and select the upper part (I made a selection using Per )

We perform the same operations with the color and saturation settings as we did with the noses.

You can also whiten the bride’s teeth, remove small defects above the lip and eyebrow. And that’s what happens as a result:

Before After

Do not be afraid to marry in cold weather, Photoshop will warm you!

May you live happily ever after!

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