Today we will create a fantasy with the atmosphere of the cosmos. Therefore, get ready to create a colorful scene using color correction, color balance, adjustment layers, lighting effects in Photoshop.

Total Result

Source materials:

Step 1

First, open the image with the sky. Next, move the image with Flying Island. The dimensions for the stock image, like the image of Flying Islands, are not exactly perfect, you might find a better image. I tried a little scaling.

Step 2

In this step, we will cut out the image of the house and further, we will move the selected image of the house to our working paper, placing it on our island. The stock image of the house is a quality image, so we can easily change the size of the house. Do not forget to cut the house along with a small patch of grass so that it fits better into the landscape of the island.

Step 3

Next, we will add a balloon image. Open the image with the balloon, then move the image of the balloon onto our working paper, placing it on top of the layer with the background (sky with clouds), so the balloon will as if rise from the chimney.

Step 4

Do the same with the propeller, position it so that it is behind the island. I did not find a stock image with four blades, so I duplicated the layer with two blades and got the necessary image.

Step 5

Next, let’s move the stage with space to our working paper. A scene with space will give our image a bit of fantasy, so our Flying Island will soar in space. Place a layer with a space scene on top of a layer with a background to successfully combine with the clouds.

Step 6

Once you have placed the layer with the space scene on top of the layer with the background, we need to change the blending mode for the layer with space. We also crop the background, so our image will have a “portrait” mode. Change the blending mode for the layer with space to Lightening (Screen), Opacity (Opacity) layer 100%.

Step 7

In this step, we will add a parachutist image. Cut out the image of the skydiver, place it on the left side of our image. I unfolded the skydiver image, as shown in the screenshot, so it looks better. For this we go Image – Rotate canvas – Flip canvas horizontally (Image> Image Rotation> Flip Canvas Horizontal).

Step 8

It’s time to add some light effects. At the beginning, we will add a small light effect to the image of the skydiver. Being on a layer with a parachutist, we go Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects (Filter> Render> Lighting Effects). Apply the settings that are shown in the screenshot below, which I used. Also, you can change the settings in the option Colour (Color) and Chromaticity (Colorize). I applied the effect to the right of the parachutist, since the light comes from the left side.

Step 9

Do the same with the balloon image. You can set the value of the intensity of light at your discretion, if you consider it necessary.

Step 10

Next, run Data reduction (flatten image). After mixing the data, we can slightly change the color shades and add a little color to our image. The screenshot below shows the settings that I used.

Step 11

In this final step, we will add more contrast using well-known techniques. Lightening and blackout I (dodge and burn). Therefore, I wish you a lot of fun using the tools. Brightener and Dimmer (Dodge and Burn tools).

I wish you a pleasant time to complete the lesson!

Final result

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