How to wear a model in Photoshop

In this lesson I will tell you how my work was created for the competition on the topic “Safe Art”.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1

As the main source, I chose a painting by the French artist Guillaume Signac (Guillaume Seignac (1870-1924)) – “The Awakening of Psyche”.

The second photo which I will use is a girl in a peignoir.

The main search criteria for the second photo were:

  1. similarity of a pose of models;
  2. light, transparent outfit.

Step 2

Open the main Awakening of Psyche image in Photoshop. Then add to the same document the image “Girl in a negligee”. Flip the image with the girl horizontally.

Then lower opacity (opacity) layer with the model and zoom out and turn the angle so that the proportions of the girls approximately coincide with the proportions of Psyche.

Step 3

Duplicate the model layer. Turn off the visibility of the original layer with the girl. I always create copies of the layers with the main images – this is a small insurance. Add a mask layer to the copy layer. Activate the tool Brush (Brush tool) and hide the model’s body, leaving only the area with clothes visible. Rename the copy layer and name it Negligee.

Step 4

We transform a peignoir, in order to “dress” him on Psyche.
For this, I used the tool Puppet Warp (Puppet warp tool). To be honest, this was my first experience using this tool! Although this function was interesting to me for a long time, curiosity won just now.

To transform underwear, create control points and then move them to achieve the best shape.

When you are satisfied with the result of the transformation, just click OK.

Wow! It was so quick and easy! Puppet Warp (Puppet warp tool) – I love you! :)

Step 5

Duplicate the Negligee layer. Rename the copy layer to “Underwear” (Bra Set). Place the “Underwear” layer under the “Neglizier” layer. Then turn off the visibility of the “Neglizhe” layer.

Add a layer mask to the “Underwear” layer. Using the tool Brush(Brush tool), hide the clothes, leaving only the areas on the hips and chest visible. You also need to hide the jewelry pendant. To do this, use the tool. Spot Healing Brush (Spot healing tool).

Step 6

Go back to the Neglizier layer. Return the visibility of this layer.
Now let’s do a general color adjustment. To do this, we will focus on the overall color scheme of the picture. Switch to : Image – Correction – Choose a color (Image – Adjustments – Match Color).

Let’s take the settings of this menu. Switch to “A source“(Source) and set as a sample the psd file with the picture” Psyche’s Awakening. Then configure “Layer“(Layer), to do this, click on the mini triangle and in the list set the layer” Background “(background) (the layer with the original picture).

Step 7

Now the clothes look better, but in order to achieve an even more naturalistic effect, we will add an adjustment layer. Photo filter (Photo Filter.).

Color filter set “Sepia” (Sepia). Filter density is 25%.

Now lower opacity (opacity) layer with negligee to 40%. Add a layer mask to this layer, and a soft black brush with a slight opacity, process the edge of the attire, in order to make the outline of a negligee softer.

Step 8

For convenience, I temporarily turn off the visibility of the Negligee layer. Go to the Bra Set layer and lower its opacity to 40%.

When working with the Bra Set layer, we also use a layer mask and mask the edge of the clothes. In the picture below, you see what happened with me. For work, I used a soft round black brush with an opacity of about 20%.

After lowering the opacity of the layers “Underwear” and “Neglizhe”, it is necessary to mask the nipples of the model in the picture. In order to do this, use the tool Spot Healing Brush (Spot healing tool). I recommend working with this tool before creating a copy of the background layer with the picture.

Create a new layer. Activate the tool Brush (Brush tool). In the settings, set the color of the brush to gray-blue. Brush type – round soft; opacity – about 40%.

Translator’s Note: Select a blue tint using the Eyedropper tool.

On the new layer, draw the desired area, as shown in the figure below.

Duplicate the “Neglizhe” layer and set its blend mode to Soft light (Soft Light).

At this stage, the layer map looks like this:

For my taste, the picture looks good!

Step 9

Now let’s add stockings! First of all, create a duplicate layer with a girl in curlers. Add a layer mask to it and hide the entire image except the section with the stocking.

Then refer to the tool again. Puppet Warp (Puppet warp tool) and adjust the stocking so that it fits perfectly on the foot of the character in the picture. Do not forget to correct the position of the suspension!

Step 10

Activate the tool Finger (Smudge tool). In the tool settings, set a round hard brush; intensity – 100%. Now stretch your finger stocking along the legs until the toes. At the moment, the result looks a bit rough, but in the next steps we will fix it!

Step 11

Lower opacity (opacity) layer with stocking up to 55%.

We emphasize the gum on the stocking. To do this, duplicate the layer with the stocking. Then add a layer mask to the duplicate layer. Fill the layer mask with black. Activate the tool Brush (Brush tool). In the brush settings, set the color to white, and then process the area with a rubber band on the layer mask.

Step 12

We will work sock stocking. To do this, create a selection of the upper part of the stocking. To select, use any convenient tool. Copy the selected area to a new layer.

Drag the copied area to the left toes. Then transform the copied part of the gum so that it takes the maximum sock shape. I also used the tool to adjust the shape edge. Eraser (Еraser tool).

To make the sock look more harmonious, activate the tool Dimmer (Вurn tool) and treat the area of ​​the stocking, which is closer to the floor.

Step 13

Then you need to add the right stocking. To do this, repeat steps №№ 9 – 12.

Step 14

Let’s work on adding shadows. Add a new layer on top of all the previous ones. Set the blend mode of this layer to Multiplication (Multiply).

Activate the tool Brush (Brush tool). In the brush settings, set the color to brown. Then draw the inside of the left leg and the outside of the right. Lower the opacity of the drawing layer as you like. For convenience, focus on the result in the picture below.

Step 15

In order to add shine to stockings, I used a new layer and a light beige brush. The blend mode of this layer I set to Screen and lowered the fill of this layer. Also, I added light accents to negligee. To do this, create another new layer. Using the tool Brush (Brush tool), small size, and draw thin lines as shown in the figure below.

Step 16

It’s time for the final adjustments! So, add a correction layer on top of all the previous ones: Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Levels (Levels). In the settings panel of the adjustment layer, use the function Auto (Auto).

Also, if you wish, you can add more dark and light areas.
Below you can see a diagram of my working layers.

This lesson is over! As you can see, in order to achieve an interesting result, it is not necessary to use a bunch of tools and tricks! And I think that the key to the success of this work was the correct selection of source materials!

I hope you enjoyed my lesson!

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